Sunday, December 24, 2006

I almost forgot...

Mom and Dad M. arrive in Nagoya in 4 hours. Presently they are in Tokyo awaiting their connecting flight. In all the excitement, I almost forgot to post before the deadline!!!
(Sorry Dad, I couldn't just roll over for you to get the iTunes! :-P)

Thursday Dec.21st
Exercise 3/6: Walking
Time: 45 min

Saturday, Dec. 23rd
Exercise 4/6: BB's Abs Workout
Time: 27 min

Later that day...
Exercise 5/6: 100 squats
Time: NA

Exercise 6/6: Walk
Time: 30 min

And there you have it!
I think someone asked it I would be doing this over winter holidays/while Mom and Dad are here. The answer is...YOU BET! I'll try and get Mom and Dad out with me! :-)

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Only 4 more days!

Exercise 1/6: Walk
Time: 30 min

Colin is off work from now until Jan 9! So after I got home from work we went for a walk.

Today (there was frost this morning!)
Exercise 2/6: Walk
Time: 45 min

Took a different route today. The sun dipped behind the mountains at 4:23 and then Colin took some photos...then had to run to catch up. I would get him to post them...but he has gone to Nagoya for a staff party...and I am cooking supper.

Mom and Dad Madland...are you ready to do something active everyday that you are here? I need to keep posting even while you are here...and besides, you will need to keep warm somehow ;-).

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Blogging Slump

I have to say I have been in no mood to blog this week. I was almost inclined to forget working out this week too. I even said to Colin that I was just going to give someone iTunes this time around. But this blog is like a splinter in my mind. I can't NOT do something. So, even though I havn't been faithful in posting, I HAVE been exercising!
btw...One other reason I haven't been blogging is because I have been using every free moment to knit! I have become knit-crazy. Why? I have no idea. Some of the other female ALT's in this area have started a knit club. I was half amused (cuz they are, like, 10 years younger than me) and half impressed. So I retaught myself to knit! I am working on a scarf. I started searching the internet for a beginner's lesson and found an amazing amount of info/clubs/free patterns etc. Now Selah has started on a scarf for one of her stuffed animals. :-)
(So, Gramma...bring your knitting when you come next week!)

Exercise (1/6): Abs workout
Time: 27min

Exercise(2/6): Walk and frisbee
Time: 1 hour

Exercise (3/6): Walk
Time 30 min

Saturday AM
Exercise (4/6): Abs (BB's)
Time: 27 min

Saturday PM
Exercise (5/6): 100 sqats
Time: irrelevant

Exercise 6/6: Frisbee
Time: 30 min

So, in Canada right now, it is 10:30pm PST on Saturday. I did it. Not because I wanted to, nor thought I could, but because the blog is here. YOU are here.
Don't give up on me...cuz I just might give up. Somebody came awfully close to getting iTunes this week.

Sunday, December 10, 2006


Exercise 4/6: Walk
Time: 1 hour

Had a work-related meeting, Friday, at a different location. My bike tire has something wrong with I got a ride there from a friend and walked home. Colin picked me up on his way home... I made it to our frisbee-playing place within an hour. Not bad for walking. :-)

Exercise 5/6: Billy's 8 min cardio
Time: 8 min

Did this first thing this morning

Exercise 6/6: Walking
Time: 20 min

Went to Ogaki today and did some brisk walking up and down Station Street.

Present time: 11:54pm, PST Saturday in NA

Friday, December 08, 2006

Yesterday's Marathon

Exercise 3/6: Billy's 8min Cardio, then Abs
Time: 35 min

The kids had their "Marathon" yesterday. I MIGHT be able to convince Mixon to post here...but Selah was a I will brag for her. ;-)
Each grade runs with their own, and each grade up, runs a bit farther. Selah ran 800 meters (yes, that was her "marathon"...but ya gotta start somewhere, neh!). She came in 4th! Yea, Selah!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Marathon time...

Exercise 2/6: Lower Body Workout (Billy Blanks) + Karate stretching
Time: 30min

It is marathon time in Japan. (this isn't really about my workout...but it is exercise related!) Students all over the country have been running in Phys. Ed and at recess in order to prepare for their upcoming "marathon"! Now, before you get TOO impressed, the Japanese definition of marathon is entirely different from the western one.
In North America, "Marathon" = a running race of 26.2 miles or 42(approx) km
In Japan, "Marathon" or マラソン= a long distance run..."long distance" being whatever you like, really. My high school students run their marathon on Friday...10km. My kids run their marathon tomorrow (elementary school)...2-3km? I will get Mixon to post about his marathon tomorrow evening.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Its cold!

Exercise 1/6: Abs Workout
Time: 27 min

It is COLD. It is now hovering between 1-5˚C . Mount Ibuki, our local, tallest mountain [volcano?] , which affects our weather patterns, has snow on it. To the locals, this means that winter has arrived. Sure feels like it. No snow down here though.

Saturday, December 02, 2006


Exercise 6/6: 100 squats
Time: NA

Japanese Language Proficiency Test in 10 hours.
Wish me luck!

Studying my ?????? off!!

Exercise 5/6: Billy's 8min Cardio and Abs Workout
Time: 35min

Study Study Study Study Workout(#5...just finished) study study study study workout(#6...later) study study study study study sleep JLPT Test!!!!!!

Friday, December 01, 2006

First Night in December!

Exercise 4/6: Tae Bo
Time: 40 min

I can't believe it is already December! Mom and Dad M come in 23 days! Christmas is in 24! I only have 2 weeks of school left! (I just took the 3rd week of December off from work...I would only have 1 class to teach that week :-P) It looks like Colin and I get a week's holiday together before Mom and Dad come. The kids are in school until the 26th...yuck! The Japanese don't officially celebrate Christmas so it is a school day. We haven't decided yet whether they will go or not. They will ONLY go if Gramma and Grampa can come see their school that day (since it is the last day of classes).

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Chillin' with my boy.

Exercise 3/6: Walking and frisbee
Time: 45 min

Took a walk to the post office to pick up 2 packages. (Thanks, Mom!)
Mixon offered to keep me company, and Selah had just gone to a friend's house, so we headed off together. When we returned, we played frisbee till it got dark, then walked over to pick up Selah. Pretty light workout...but we were moving AND spending time together. :-)

Then we came home and made a big batch of curry & rice. This is a Japanese staple. It is pretty mild over here for the most part. Although you can definitely get HOT curry here. The curry comes in blocks of (almost) dry paste...that is the best way to describe it. You add it to a pot of boiled veggies and meat of choice. (It looks like stew) Then you put it on a plate BESIDE white rice. So, half the plate is white rice, and half the plate is curry. Then you MUST eat it with a spoon...not chopsticks...not a fork...A SPOON! (lol)

The kids at Colin's school freaked out on him when he ate his school lunch of curry with a fork. They wouldn't leave him he kept eating with his fork. :-P One night we had one of my students and her sister over...we served them curry. As an experiment, we put out chopsticks, forks and spoons, just to see what they would take if they had an option. When I cleaned up supper, I put all forks and chopsticks back in the drawer because they were untouched!

Let's enjoy curry and rice!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Genki Teacher Day

Exercise 2/6: Calisthenics/Volleyball
Time: 30 min

It is exam week. This is how it works: first 3 periods in the morning are exam-time. Then the students go home to study. This goes on all week. In the meantime, teachers are madly marking and preparing the next test. This afternoon, though, was the yearly First Aid/AED training + Teacher Volleyball . So, I sat on a cold gym floor for 1:30min, learning how to use an AED in Japanese! (fun times! :-P) But after that we got to play a couple games of volleyball. THAT was fun. :-)

100 posts!!!

This is now 101, but I just noticed on my dashboard that I had hit 100! (Not that anyone cares but me...but, yea me! ;-) )

Exercise 1/6: Karate
Time: 1:30

Do scroll down if you haven't visited recently. There are lots of new entries AND PICTURES! :-o

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Study break update...

Exercise 5/6: Abs Workout
Time: 27 min

Good 'ol Billy!

Just now...2:07 pm (9:07 pm Saturday, PST)
Exercise 6/6: More Frisbee!
Time: 30 min

Maybe we will have to find an Ultimate Frisbee League in Kamloops next year. Anyone know of one?

Happy Belated Birthday Rachel!!!!

My wonderful, sweet, alway-remembers-everyone's-birthday, sister-in-law, Rachel Zalinko, had a birthday on Friday.We missed it. (We suck. Sorry, Rach.)

Rachel is a cool Aunt, a loving sister, a doting mother, a faithful wife (not to mention a "pastor's" wife!), a wonderful daughter (in-law) and Grand-daughter(in-law), and a great friend.
You wear many hats, Rach but you wear them with Grace.
We love you!
We miss you!


Saturday, November 25, 2006

Exercise=study breaks

Here are some more pics from the hike we went on a couple of weeks ago...

Fall Colours!!!

View of the valley below...

...more fall colours...

That's me grilling yakisoba! (yes, with chopsticks)

Here is Selah with one of her best friends, Konomi-chan, eating grilled meat and onigiri (rice wrapped in seaweed - they eat this in place of our sandwiches)

As for today...
Exercise 4/6: Cycling/Frisbee
Time: 1 hour

Until December 3rd I am buried in my Japanese books. So, I am going to use my exercise as study breaks. I think it will help me stay focussed (sp?) and alert. At the very least it will keep me from becoming fused with my desk!
This morning, the fam went for a bike ride to the castle and played frisbee. Great weather for it. Slightly overcast, not much of a breeze and about 12˚C. Lots of fun.

This is the view from where we play frisbee...

Friday, November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving #2!

Wednesday, Nov. 22, 2006
Exercise (3/6): Walking
Time: 1 hour

Okay, so I take it back...but I didn't understand how much walking we would be doing! Plus the "fitness trainer" said it definitely counted! ;-)
We had a great time in Nagoya and needed the walking cuz we ate WAY too much. We were planning to go the Hard Rock Cafe but it was closed that evening. :-P So, we walked to Sakae (the shopping district of Nagoya) and went to the restaurant we ate at last year on this holiday...The Outback Steakhouse and Grill. Now, this may not seem like a big deal to general western readers...but it has been a year since we have eaten like this! We shared an appy and and an entree and were still WAY too full. (I will take that as a good sign!) Lots of ribs...
Then we walked to the Apple store (for Macs....not fruit) and looked around. Cool shop! Then we had to take and hour and a half to walk, ride the subway, ride the train, walk to the car, and drive back to Ogaki. Back in our own town, we went to the late show...yea,...we were milkin' the babysitting for all it was worth! ;-)
Happy Americans and Japanese...
Nagoya is all decorated for Christmas. It was very pretty at night, all lit up.
(Gasp!) A picture! On MY blog!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Time to Catch Up!

Sunday, Nov. 19th, 2006
Exercise 1/6: Karate
Time: 1:30

Due to the weather getting colder, the workouts are getting more intense as well as the warm-up time is getting longer. Can't stretch and work cold muscles hard. (There is no heating in the gym)

Tuesday, Nov. 21, 2006
Exercise 2/6: Tae Bo - 8 min Cardio + Abs workout
Time: 40 min

Wednesday, Nov 22, 2006
Exercise: Walking around Nagoya....(mmmm, doesn't count. :-P)

Tonight, Colin and I are going on a DATE! Now, this may seem like no big deal to y'all...BUT IT IS!
We haven't been out by ourselves (on a date) since we left Canada over a year and a half ago. The Japanese don't seem to have a concept of babysitting...or of married people actually spending free time together. :-/
Anyhow, some other JETs figured this out and have bent over backwards to make us arrange a time! (thanks, guys!) So, I am meeting Colin the the big city of Nagoya for supper tonight and we will do some Christmas shopping and see a movie! Woohoo! All while our children are having a blast with trusted friends, Josh and Miki.
(All this to say...I will have to find a time to do a make-up work-out for tonight...)

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Studying my ?????? off!!

Saturday, Nov. 18th, 2006
Exercise 5/6: Frisbee with Colin
Time: 30 min

So I am a bookworm right now. I have a Japanese Language Proficiency Test on Dec. 3rd. I totally bombed level 4 (lowest) last year and so, logically, I enrolled in Level 3 this year! :-P
Anyhow, I am madly studying. But, for a study break, Colin and I went to the local shrine and played some frisbee. (that's just not something you hear everyday, eh? ;-) It is the largest space to play nearby. We were wondering how old the original structures are. They look real old and weather-worn. (Hey! Maybe we should ask a local or something...ya think?)

Sunday, Nov. 19th, 2006 - 2-3pm (deadline is 4pm...)
Exercise 6/6: Frisbee and Karate practice
Time: 1 hour

We enjoyed yesterday so much that we went back. :-)
Off to Karate later tonight.

Friday, November 17, 2006


Exercise 4/6: Tae Bo: Abs
Time: 27 min

We missed Karate last night, so I am going to have to do a make-up work out between now and the deadline! :-P

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Last night

Wednesday, Nov. 15/06

Exercise 3/6: Tae Bo
Time: 40 min

yep. Worked out.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Abs night

Exercise 2/6: Ab work-out
Time: 25 min.

Getting better!
The day I "look" better, I will hold a huge party. Maybe it will be on "the other side", if you know what I mean. I am doing this for my health, not my looks! (okay girls, repeat this 100x! ;-) )

I recently read a quote by Nicole Ritchie regarding her botched plastic surgery. She actually said, "I will never be perfect again."
Awwwwwww, poor baby! :-P

Let's just keep at it.

Monday, November 13, 2006

A new week underway...

Exercise 1/6: Tae Bo-Mission 2
Time: 40 min

It is getting cold real fast. Our warm fall was lasting a long time and now Mother Nature is making up for it. The thing is, in Japan, there is no insulation in the houses and no central heating. It is just as cold inside as out. You may think it is nice to have a high of 15˚ at this time of year. Sure!! Except, that is also the temperature of my office! Soon the big ol' heaters will come out...the ones at work are propane. The official date in Japan for turning them on is December 1st nation-wide, so until then, it is long undies and lap-blankets!

At home, working-out is a great way to keep warm...although I am finding that I am soon going to have to make the time to shower immediately after. It is too cold to walk around in sweaty clothes while making supper!

People do heat their homes...with portable kerosene heaters. The heaters are turned on only when you are in that room and they reek! The bathroom has no heat...thus the reason for fluffly toilet lid and seat covers!!!! (I had never really understood those as a kid ;-P) It is also why many toilet seats also have a warming function...which some of you may remember me mentioning last year.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Community BBQ

Exercise 6/6: 3.5 Km walk
Time: about 1 hour

Walking with the neighbours for some unknown cause...I LOVE being illiterate! (sarcasm :-/)

(mmmm. I posted the above at about 8:45 am my time and then actually did the walk at about 11am...but I knew I wouldn't be home in time to post it before 4pm... just in case you itunes gluttons out there were wondering about this post ;-))

The cause turned out to be enjoyment of fall leaves in the mountains...not a raise-money-kind- of-thing apparently. We filled up 4 buses and drove about 1 hour into the mountains. Then we hiked for 1 hour to a group BBQ site. This was SO interesting! The shelter had long benches for people to sit on (logs split in half and stained). In between each row were long concrete thingies shaped rougly in a u. We were split in groups of 8 and each group was given a "BBQ Pack" to make a fire in the concrete u. Once the coals were ready we put a grate and a grill across the top of the u. Then we spent the afternoon cooking veggies and meat and yakisoba and fish (whole) and it was so fun! btw the cooking utensil of choice here is chopsticks! Even for a BBQ. I am sure Colin will get around to posting pics on our family website...eventually.

Oh, and after, while we were waiting on the buses, we played some games. We did a ring-toss in pairs: You throw a ring at your partner at the same time and catch your partner's ring with the same hand. Colin and I quickly achieved this...and then being gaijin, had to try something different! ;-) We used 3 and tried juggling as a pair. (we got applause for that) Then we used 4 and tried doing it with both hands simultaneously. That was HARD...but fun.

The other game was a first for me. The equipment were long baton-like rods (but too long to actually do any baton twirling). The women lined up (maybe 7 or so) and held a rod upright in each hand with the bottom touching the ground.
  • One person said, "ii se no rei" (ready, here we go) and
  • we replied "don don pa".
  • On the "don don" we tapped out batons on the ground to the beat (1-2), and
  • on the "pa" we let go of our own and reached for the person's batons on our right.
The goal was for everyone to catch the next person's batons before they fell...and count how many times you could do this in a row as a group. Very fun.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Remembrance Day

This is totally unrelated to my blog-topic, but as I am half a world away and cannot take part in a moment of silence with my country-men, I thought I would express my appreciation here.

Whether you are a pacifist or not, in agreement with Afghanistan or not, etc, I am sure we can all take a moment to remember, reflect and apprectiate the sacrifices of our Canadian soldiers, living and dead, who defend/have defended our country and its people as well as attempt to extend peace to our struggling world.

Please click here to read "In Flanders Fields".

Friday, November 10, 2006

Biking with the kids

Exercise 5/6: Biking
Time: 2, 30min rides

Colin is at a "work event" tonight, so the kids and I managed to squeeze in a ride to the video store before dark....then we ate supper at McDonald's. :-o (hey, I had a salad...and some fries....and a chestnut-custard pie.) Well, good thing we had to ride home again to! ;-)

Now we are waiting on a student of mine to arrive. She comes every week to hang out and watch English movies! :-) (Yea, the same girl we visited her family with this past summer). Tonight she is bringing her sister and we are watching Cheaper by the Dozen 2. I was remembering that we went to the first movie with my parents in Calgary. I wanted to see it with my Dad because he read the book to us as children because it was one of his favorite books growing up! So, here's to you, Dad! I will think of you half-way round the world as we watch Steve Martin mutilate the original story. ;-)

Oh, and check this out! I was blown away by reading my sister-in-law's new blog and finding MY blog mentioned! Who knew l'le ol' me could inspire someone else with my daily battle. Cool! That inspires ME! Thanks, L-A!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Blessings Anyone?

Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2006
Exercise 3/6: Lower Body Work Out
Time: 25 min

Opened the last of my new Billy Blank's DVD's today. Wooowee. That hurt. (But it is a good hurt, if you know what I mean. ;-)
I have noticed that the BB work outs have been helping my overall endurance and strength in Karate. (yeah)

Speaking of which:
Thursday, Nov 9th, 2006

Exercise 4/6: Karate
Time: 1:15

One of the rules of the Dojo in "no socks/shoes", so we enter with bare feet all the time. Tonight was the first night that the gym floor started to feel cool to the touch. By the end of December, it will be painful. Colin's parents will be visiting about that time. They should get a good kick out of seeing us dance around trying to keep our feet off the floor as much as possible! (If they can stand the cold sitting through a work-out! ;-)

As for the title...
We are right in between Canadian Thanksgiving and American Thanksgiving. Also, the Japanese holiday of "Labor and Thanksgiving Day" in on the 23rd as well. (We are crashing a full-on Turkey Dinner with some American ALT's that day!! My mouth is watering already) Anyway, the other night I was laying in bed thinking about all the things I am thankful for. So here are some of the things I came up with:

I am thankful for

Hot cups of tea to wrap my hands around
Hot coffee in the morning
Hot baths to soak in (see a pattern here?)
Covers to bury under
Children to snuggle with
A Hubby to keep me warm (he may differ with me on that...since he is the warm one ;-)

Friends to share joys and sorrows with
Family near and far that I love and love me
Canadian Soldiers willing to fight/die for me (us) (btw, wear a poppy!)
A God who knows me (us)

What about you?
What are YOU thankful for?
Please share your comments.

Monday, November 06, 2006

During a Thunderstorm

Exercise 2/6: Abs workout-Taebo
Time: 27 min

Got to work-out during a thunderstorm. Had visions of being zapped thru the tv! ;-)
It was overcast all day and I was actually chilled at work in my short sleeve t-shirt!

I think it is funny that Japanese people think that because I am wearing short sleeves in the fall, I should be cold. It doesn't matter that I have fleece jogging pants on and they are wearing a miniskirt BUT long sleeves. (lol)

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Exercise: Karate
Time: 1:30

Hurt my hand again in about the same place, doing the same block, except this time it was against Sensei! He is solid!
...still didn't break it. (not that I am trying too!...even tho it is starting to look like it...;-) )

I can't think of any pithy titles right now...

Sunday, Nov 5th, 2006

Exercise 6/6: Tae Bo/Misson 2
Time: 40 min

My shoulders are tired...but I met the deadline.

I once again submit that this blog has been the best thing in accountability for me! I just can't make excuses! :-)

Family Bike Ride

Saturday, Nov 4th, 2006

Exercise 5/6: Biking
Time: 1:30

Beautiful day for a family ride. We returned our videos via the bike path route.
It is Nov. 4th and the forcasted highs have not dipped below 20˚C yet. Even the Japanese are saying it is too hot for this time of year! I guess that makes up for last winter when they had the most snow in 50 years.

Friday, November 03, 2006

A Taste of Commuting

Thursday 3/6: Biking
Time: 35-40 min

Had a conference to attend yesterday with all Assistant Language Teachers from my prefecture. Lucky for me, it was within biking distance. I first biked all the way to a "nearby" train station to meet first year ALT's and walk them to the venue. (When you are essentially illiterate, getting to a place for the first time is always a challenge).
I am guessing it was about a 12-13 km ride.
Colin's Dad mailed us the bike paniers from is SO nice to have those...I carted a change of clothes, a bunch of books (for a book exchange) and my purse etc without a second thought. It made the idea of going car-free in Canada much more plausible to me. (My husband and I have been exploring this idea for many reasons. You can check out our
"cultural vertigo" blog for more on that...)

Exercise 4/6: walk
Time: about 2 hours

Some of the ALTs from my region wanted to hang out after the conference and didn't particularly want to go to the nomihoudai.
(A nomihoudai is a "drinking party" in Japan. One price covers a 7-10 course meal and all-you -can-drink within a time limit of 2 hours for about the equivilant of $30.00.)
Anyhow, none of us had cars there, and I had my bike which eliminated the train as a possibililty. I offered to cook supper...but that meant we walked that same distance home to my place. They were game, so we walked! :-) It has been a long time since I have walked that far. We don't slow down that much very often or consider walking that distance as a possible option. But we had a great time! We had a great chance to just chat, enjoy the sunset and get some exercise.
When we got home, everyone pitched in, and we made bruchetta, yakisoba and then enjoyed a couple of well-earned creampuffs for dessert (kinda like the Costco ones...).

As for the walk, (and I say this like my English students in their journals) I think want walk next time.

Monday, October 30, 2006

More Tae Bo

Exercise 2/6: Mission 2
Time: 40 min

Not much to say...I am going to bed. :-)

Sunday, October 29, 2006


Exercise 1/6: Karate
Time: 1:30

We had to do sit-ups in class tonight. I kicked Colin's butt in ab-endurance...Only done the AB work-out from Tae-bo a couple of times and I already notice a difference! (Not in looks, but in ability) ;-)

Walking in my son's shoes

By that title, I don't mean that I am experiencing what it is like to be him...I mean I am literally walking in his shoes! I borrowed his sandals to go to work this week! His feet are as big as mine...and he is only 9!

Friday 5/6: Walk/jog
Time: 25 min

Saturday 6/6: Tae Bo, Mission 3
Time: 30 min

Friday, October 27, 2006


Thursday, Oct. 26th, 2006

Exercise 4/6: Karate
Time: 1:30

I was remembering yesterday that I forgot to mention that I had weighed in on Saturday.
I'm holding steady. (yea?)
I often get to this point. (how many of you out there can identify with me, let me hear an AMEN!)
I have lost a few pounds, I have worked hard (and for longer than 30 days, so it SHOULD be a habit). But now the schedule has changed, the days are shorter, the type of my workouts have changed due to those things, and my weight steadies out. This season has heavier food, Christmas and all its culinary wonders is just around the corner, and then a long, cold, boring winter. My weight starts to curve up again. Then in the spring, when the weather gets nice, I start this cycle all over again.
I am at a cross roads now. I have a blog (accountability). Will I break the cycle? That is what I am aiming for. My one dilema is how to increase my times of "high heart-rate cardio" during my week. (It would seem that this is what most helps in losing weight over time, though it is what I least enjoy in exercise).

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

It is that time of year... be indoors. Not that it is overly chilly here. The high today was 26˚C and it was sunny....beautiful! But it gets dark before 5:30, and there is not time to BE outside in an exercise manner due to childminding (I know, I have lamented this before...).
But that feel is also in the air now. Tonight we had homemade cream of potato/veggie soup with biscuits. MMMMMM warm \autumny feel. I LOVE that! :-)

...2 months from today is CHRISTMAS! Yatta! (Japanese for "Yippee!")

Exercise 3/6: Tae Bo and Tug-O'-War
Time: 40min and 1 hour

Yep, I said Tug-O'-War. November 3rd is a national holiday in Japan. It is Labour Thanksgiving Day. Our kids have signed on to a neighbourhood team to compete in a city-wide Tug-O'-War Competition on that day. It is being held to promote city-wide unity and "togetherness" since 3 small towns joined Ogaki city this year. (our town being one of them)
Tonight was the team practice. How can you practice for Tug-O'-War, you ask? Well, let me tell you, it is a precision sport, don't you know! There is technique that requires body, mind and spirit (and blisters!). And, the judges are using English!
  1. "Pick up the rope!" (we can/must pick up the rope-a big thick old-fashioned this point we grip in such a way as to pull the rope "apart", put it under our elbow, stand perpendicular with feet planted.
2. "Steady the reins" - we must pull it taut so the middle mark is in line with the boundary and becomes still.

3. "Pull!" - now we must lean straight back, look at the ceiling, and take baby-steps backwards.

The rope must go 4 meters one-way, within one minute, in order for a team to win.
I have no idea how many teams will be competing...I'll let you know. It could be a LONG afternoon! ;-)

The kids had a it will be worth it.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Mission 3

Exercise 2/6: Tae Bo
Time: 30 min

So I pulled out another of the Billy Blanks DVD's, Mission 3: Rock Solid Abs.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

My first Karate injury...almost

Exercise 1/6: Karate
Time: 1:30

So, because all my "senpai" (seniors) have gone up a level (as ruefully mentioned in a previous post ;-) the sparring has also gone up a level. FUN!
And as also previously mentioned, I really like sparring with my husband! He is the one in the class (besides sensei) that I can actually let it loose with, and not worry about hurting. But last night, I didn't move fast enough. I brought my hand down to block his front kick and my hand met his shin. His shin won! (No, tears though...sensei doesn't allow crying in class. ;-)
I have a beautiful bruise on the side of my hand below my pinky finger. :-) Don't worry, I am not complaining! In fact, I was kind of hoping it was fractured! How cool would that be! I have never had a broken bone, and this would certainly be a great way to earn one.
I continued sparring...and I moved a lot quicker! And I do not have a fracture. :(

I think my parents named me aptly: Kelly = maiden warrior

Saturday, October 21, 2006

5 & 6

Exercise 5/6: 8 minute Cardio blaster thingy for Tae Bo
Time: uuuuh....8 minutes.

Exercise 6/6: Bike Ride
Time: 1 hour

Tried to get the kids to go for a family bike ride...but by the time we had made them finish their chores the doorbell was ringing and friends were wanting to play. They were chomping at the bit...and they had done their chores well (after slight coercion ;-), so we let them go.
AND that meant Colin and I could ride together! We so rarely get time alone in Japan, so we jumped at the chance. (we haven't been on a "date" since we left Canada)
It was great. It is a beautiful day (if a bit windy) so we soaked up the sun and each other's company. (no iPod today ;-)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Competitor in me takes a hit.

Exercise 4/6: Karate
Time: 1:30

Tonight was hard on my competitive side. ;-)
I missed the most recent Karate test because of being sick last week. Colin (and my 2 other Japanese friends) did not. They passed. (Congratulations!) I did not even take the test.
SO, at Karate, we line up by rank/seniority. I had to shift down three. That was hard to swallow. I know it sounds SO silly that this bothered me...and it is. I am glad I can laugh at myself...and that I can catch up at the end of the month! ;-) (lol)

Misson 2 Accomplished

Wednesday, October 18th, 2006
Exercise 3/6: Tae-Bo
Time: 42 min


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Feeling Good

Teusday, October 17th, 2006

Exercise 2/6: Mission 1...again
Time: 40 min

It is feeling too easy again! WooHoo!
Tomorrow, Mission 2

It is my Birthday today (did I post, yesterday, that it would be?).
Wow, I AM getting memory is going.
Anyway, we went to a little "hole-in-the-wall" restaurant in Gifu City called El Paso. That's right...a Mexican restaurant in the middle of Japan (this is NOT Tokyo, baby). And it was literally a hole in the wall! There was room for 3 "groups. You walked in the door and the bar was on your left with about 6 bar stools. You could just squeeze down this like a hallway (the bath room door on your right...which opened into your path if someone was coming out at the time....). At the back were tables enough for 3 small groups. It was smaller than my kitchen here in Japan! The food was authentic though! I think the owner was half Japanese, half Mexican. The food was AMAZING! (And we paid for it!!! there was a 400yen charge per person, just for walking in the door...that is about $4 Can.). The best part was the TV up in the corner showing Johnny Cash and the Carter Family about 30 years ago doing a country gospel concert! After that was Loretta Lynn crooning Inspirational Hymns!
We listened to How Great Thou Art and The Old Rugged Cross, eating authentic Mexican food in the heart of Japan. Sometimes Japan is very surreal! (This belongs on our Cultural Vertigo Blog!)
Also of mention...My hubby gave me the new Dixie Chicks album, "Taking the Long Way". I have decided that the title track is my theme song for my 34th year! :-) It will also be a great riding tune.
btw contrary to this BLOG entry...I am NOT a country music fan!
(If I am, I am still denying it. ;-)

Monday, October 16, 2006

Like Rach said...

...Back at 'er!

Exercise 1/6: Mission 1 - Tae-bo
Time: 42 min

Nice 'n easy. Only my throat was soar at the end of this. I am definitely almost better. What a wierd virus I had. Getting better has come in waves. I would have a shower, or visit with someone (I am a people person) and would feel better for an hour or so, and then feel feverish again as I "came down"...although I didn't actually have a fever after last Monday.

Today is BEAUTIFUL!!!! It was 26 or 27 degrees here today. Locals here are complaining that it is hot for this time of year. I kindly informed them that this was like July in Calgary. I had to laugh at the weather warning today...there was an advisory out for "dry air".

The rice paddy, that our kitchen window faces, was harvested this past weekend. I am a little sad about that. I won't ever see the rice at peak growing-season blowing in the wind again...we will be gone from Japan in July next summer. I am not a little sad about that! ;-) Definitely looking forward to returning to friends and family in my home country.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Still struggling

My week off is almost over and I am still flagging.
It is amazing how much a fever takes out of a person! It doesn't help when you have to keep working...
I am well over the actual fever, but I am struggling to keep from getting a secondary infection. I feel terrible still. Today I slept in, had brunch hung then folded laundry and had to lay down. I slept again for an hour and a half!
Then we went for a family bike ride. A nice slow pace. My first work-out since being sick (and yet not altogether better). I am back home with a splitting headache and I feel exhausted. Sheesh! What did I pick up?!
Anyhow, the sunset was nice on the way home. The clock says 5:51 on Sat. evening and it is dark now.
Tonight we are having a one-year anniversary party for our Karate Dojo! Tomorrow night is supossed to be our 2nd test for yellow-belt...but I am in no shape to take it. I will have to break it gently to Edo-Sensei. ;-)

Monday, October 09, 2006

ねつ が あります

That title translates as, "I have a fever".
That translates as, "I am not working out for a few days this week".
Thought I'd give you a heads up...

Last week when I took my daughter to the hospital for her heart check-up, I thought...this place is full of sick people. I am going to be sick in about 10 days or so. (That was a week ago Thursday). Humph. (>_<)

So, I am not sure about work tomorrow. The best bet for me is to go in to work and let them SEE I have a fever. Then they will shoo me home. Otherwise, there is a good possibility they will expect me to have a doctor's note...and I have no way to get to the doctor. Well, I could ride my bike or take the bus, but who wants to do that with a fever?

People here in Japan actually die from overwork, AND that is written on their death certificate! My friend from the next-door prefecture noticed one of her co-workers looked like death one day, so she asked her supervisor why he looked so terrible. The reply was that he had just had his KIDNEY OUT the day before because he has cancer!!!!! That's right. He was back at work the next day. So, I guess I can go to work with a low-grade fever. They don't like it if it is contagious, though...that is why I think I will get shooed home. There isn't a substitute teacher system over here, and they DO NOT want to get sick. Other teachers have to divide and carry their co-worker's load until they return. Very good incentive to not stay away! My position, though, does not carry those consequences, since no one else can do my job.
We'll have to wait and see...

Sunday, October 08, 2006

I love my iPod!!!!!

SO,we finally got out iPod Nano in the mail. I LOVE IT!!!!

Linea, I am now enjoying my rides! ;-)
I rode to a business meeting on Friday and I don't think I have ever ridden so hard...nor enjoyed it so much. I rocked out! I think every Japanese person driving by must have thought I was hilarious, or crazy, or both...but I didn't care! (I did refrain from actually singing out loud ;-)
When I arrived at the Board of Education, I was muddy and sweaty and red-in-the face. (I arrived early and had brought a change of clothes...don't worry). My Japanese Big Cheese is known to be very dour and grumpy, but Yamada-sensei happened to walk by just as I was parking my bike and actually laughed out loud!!!! Now, by Japanese standards, that is actually quite a rude thing to do...but again, I didn't care! :-)
Fun, fun, fun!

Exercise 5/6: Biking
Time: 25 min approx.
Av. HR: really high

Had a business meeting for 3 hours. Then I rode home. The sunset was amazing!!!
Fun, fun, fun.

Exercise 6/6:
Time: 25 min approx.
Av HR: almost as high as before

-rode fast enough to get home before the sunset was over!

Good thing I did all this earlier in the week. Today I have a cold and feel like crap. But, it is only my 2nd since arriving here 15 months ago, so I can't complain.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Exercise 4/6: Karate
Time: 1:30

We are having a one-year anniversery dinner for our dojo a week from Saturday night! Hard to believe it has been that long already.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Settling into routine...

Exercise 3/6: Mission 1: Tae-Bo
Time: 40 min

It is getting easier every day...though I am not sure that is a good thing ;-). I will have to add weight and tighten those bands!
The town clock started chiming an hour earlier on Monday. "What is this?" you say, "Daylight Savings Time isn't until the end of the month."
Ah, yes. But in Japan, they don't have DST. Each town or neighbourhood has a chime at 6pm. This is the signal for all children to return home. (Actually, most children arrive home at that time...they LEAVE wherever they are 5 minutes before that. The Japanese have an expression that being 5 minutes early is actually being on time...Man! have WE had to adjust!!!!)
Well, now the daylight is getting shorter, so on the first school-day of October, the chime is rolled back to 5pm. Thus, our after-school routine has to change because there is less time available to play...AND THAT IS VERY IMPORTANT! ;-)
Anyhow, I am figuring all that out now...when to work-out, when the kids do their homework, when to make supper etc. I think we've just about got it.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Its Oc-freaking-tober!

I can't believe it is October already. Time is flying here in Japan, the second year round. :-)
I am currently going to follow Billie Blank's work-out schedule and am on week 2 of that. He suggested a rest on I did.
Today after school, however,

Exercise 2/6: Mission Two/Upper Body work-out
Time: 40 min

Sunday, October 01, 2006


Exercise 1/6: Karate
Time: 1:30

I really enjoyed tonight. I especially like sparring with Colin. (and NO, not because he is my husband;) . He is the only one in the class, besides Sensei, who I can really go after with no fear of hurting them. My kids don't really try very hard. :-( and after a year of Karate, I think it is because they just don't like it. I am preferring to think this way because I don't want to think they are lazy...
...well, their problem might be solved because it is fee time once again and we are not sure if we can afford it. (we need to be able to return to Canada in 10 months...). We shall see how it turns out.
When we DO get back to Canada, I am really interested in continuing my Karate training. I have previously posted on this blog why I like it so much. Number 1 because it is something we do as a family. However, I don't want to cram it down the kids' throats if it is genuinely not something they enjoy. I know Selah would love gymnastics and Mixon would love basketball. But that could mean different nights out and a lot of money. So, there is the conundrum. How do we keep everyone in the family active and healthy AND enjoying it, but not give up family time and a balanced lifestyle in regards to time management. Is it possible? I invite your comments.

Now, where were we?

Friday, Sept. 29th
Exercise 5/6: Tae-Bo: Mission Two
Time: 45 min

Great work-out! My arms and shoulders are killing me! The Bands work great. Because they are adjustable, I think Colin would even love this work-out. I will see if I can convince him...;-)

Saturday....had ALT's over. I got great exercise cleaning the house ahead of time, but I think I set a precedent already that excludes this from counting as exercise...

Sunday AM...(I still have 3 hours until my deadline of Sat. midnight in BC, Canada...
Exercise 6/6: Billy Blanks 8-Minutes SuperCharged Cardio
Time: 8 minutes (ha ha)

I actually worked up a pretty good sweat! Great work-out when you don't have much time.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Karate with a headache

Thursday, Sept. 28th
Exercise 4/6: Karate
Time: 1:30

Looking at getting another notch on my yellow belt. There is a test in a couple of weeks. :-)

I spent the morning at the city hospital with my daughter (long story...but good news. Check out my famiy blog:-) Anyhow, I didn't have anything to eat or drink between 6 am and 1pm and by the time I got to Karate last night, even though I HAD eaten and re-hydrated, it wasn't enough. WOW. My headache got worse over the course of the evening to the point where I thought I would vomit! I rarely get headaches anymore (maybe its Japan?...or my diet in Japan?) and have only bought one or two small packages of Tylonal since we came here last year. But this was definitely in the catagory of migraine-type pain.
I thought that doing Karate would HELP the headache go away, but it only served to make it worse this time. I am thinking it is due to the above. Oh well, a couple of tylonal and a nap put me in good stead. And I did complete the work out. :-)

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Exercise 3/6: Tae-Bo
Time: 45 min

Learning the new moves. :-)
Cleaned the bottom of my runners beforehand , so I could work out in my living room. Hope I didn't bother the people downstairs too much ;-). At least it is low-impact compared to aerobics.

Monday, September 25, 2006

2 for 1

Sunday, Sept 24th.
Exercise 1/6: Karate
Time: 1:30

Monday, Sept 25th.
Exercise 2/6: Tae-Bo from my new DVD's!!!!!!
Time: 45min

Yep, my problem of being "housebound" by darkness and children is solved! It would seem that Colin had ordered the exercise DVD's that I wanted a long time ago. They arrived a couple of days ago! Thanks Mom, for shipping them over. :-)
I tried the first video out today. It was just the intro video in order to learn the proper techniques. But it was fun! And ALOT of it matches with Karate (I guess the instructer on the DVD, Billy Blanks, being a 7-time world martial arts Champion would have something to do with it...:-/) Anyhow, I am amused.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Sports Day #2

Exercise 6/6: Walking/Tugging/3-legged running ;-)
Time: 40 min (walking)/other stuff...throughout the day

Today was the kid's school sports day in the morning and the town one in the afternoon. For those of you faithful readers, last year we attended 4 seperate sports festivals. Our town merged with the closest big city in April, so some things have been restructered. This year, the town and the school shared the festival and it ran very smoothly...not much differently actually.
Last year, the Madlands loved this day...except Mixon, who was still in the throes of culture shock. He shed many tears last year and wouldn't let us out of his sight (it was very hard to participate in some things...) . Today, last year was barely a memory :-). We hardly saw both kids all day, except from afar, and then they were waving huge flags or organizing OTHER kids into groups for the next game. My neighbours were keenly watching the mouths of my children during the cheering contest to see if they knew the Japanese. They still can't get over the fact that our kids are fluent and have no accent! ;-)
We have come to learn, this past year, that this little town does very little changing in general. I think our presence here has been quite an experience, not just for us, but for many of them as well.
It was a good day.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Friday and Early don't go together!

Exercise 5/6: 100 squats/5 hindu push-ups (previously called yoga-push-ups...)/60 crunches ( in 2 sets of 30)

I did NOT want to get up this morning. But once again...y'all came to the rescue. I was convincing myself to work out after school...but knowing at the same time that I probably wouldn't...being Friday afternoon and all. Then I remembered I would have to post 6 times this week...and that leaves only Friday and Saturday to get the last 2 in. So, I got up and worked out this morning.
This accountability (the threat of having to put out money for failure...) really works! :-)

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Tired Kiddies

Exercise 4/6: Karate
Time: 1:30

Karate was chaos tonight. All the kids in elementary school were out to lunch. The one kid still in kindergarten cried for the first half and then spent quite a bit of time in the toilet pooping. (I only mention it because it was a big deal...) Selah spun in circles and rarely paid attention and Mixon sat on the side with an upset stomach. They are all exhausted from being back to school AND practicing every day for undoukai (sports festival). None of them really wanted to be at Karate.
Anyhow, I had a fairly decent workout AND enjoyed the very least, the kids were amusing. ;-)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

100 in a row!

Exercise 3/6: 100 squats in a row! 50 crunches. 3 (in a row) yoga push-ups.
(NOTE: Previous squats were done in sets of 10 with 2 yoga push ups at the end of each set...)

Wow, my quads felt like like big knots after that was done! I surprised myself by getting to 100! (this seems to be a running theme in my work-out journey....)
Now, if I could just walk... (ha ha, just kidding)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

いたい です!!!

Exercise 2/6: 70 squats/14 yoga push-ups/ 35 sit-ups on the ABS ball (& I don't mean crunches!)

The title today is "itai desu" which roughly translates as It Hurts!!! Yesterday, I was still recovering from back catching and Karate the night after. (How embarrasing! ;-) So, I took the day "off". It was a national holiday in Japan, so I REALLY took the day off! :)

Today we have an interesting dilema. Colin has decided to drive to school from now on. That means he wants to work out in the mornings before work, too. But we can't both go riding and neither of us is willing to get up at 5:00 either...but the point is moot because it is too dark to ride then. After school I could go except I can't. The kids need their mom and Colin doesn't get home until it is almost dark. hmmmmm. How to (both) get a cardio workout is the question of the day.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Typhoon Humidity

Exercise 1/6: Karate
Time: 1:30

Wow, is it humid tonight! There is a big Typhoon heading north between Japan's West Coast and Korea. This morning, the forecast said it would be over top of us by tomorrow. But when I checked a couple of hours later, ShanShan had changed course enough that we wouldn't be in the danger circle. It is cloudy, rainy and VERY HUMID though. I hardly had to move tonight and I had sweat pouring off of me. The air is thick and heavy. But, at least we don't have to deal with a typhoon here over the next couple of days.

btw: i am down another kilogram...which means another 2.2 pounds. :-)


Exercise 6/6: Backcatcher!
Time: 1 hour

Last night I was wondering how I could legitimately post softball as a work-out. Standing at 2nd base and then batting once in a while just doesn't get the heart-rate going. Then, they made me back-catcher! Now, I have NEVER played that position before (first handicap), I speak very elemenary Japanese (2nd handicap), and I am not well-versed in the details of Softball rules (3rd handicap). I was very grateful to my Dad last night, for all the times we went and played catch at the field down the street while I was growing up! I held my own pretty well. I kept hearing my team-mates yell, "Nice Catchie" (that is the Japanese accent...they actually have a lot of 'English' words in softball, here). And, it also happened that we, as a team, sucked! So, I was behind home plate for most of the evening. When we were up to bat, it was only for 3 batters, usually. By the end of the evening I was soaked in sweat. I had had a full work-out: squat, catch, stand, throw, squat, catch, stand, throw, squat, catch (nice catchie!), stand throw, repeat all evening!
Kudos to all back-catchers out there. I had no idea!
I am also sporting a beautiful war-wound this morning. I caught a ball with my calf last night and this morning I have a lovely contusion that hurts with every step. But I am proud to bear it! ;-)

Saturday, September 16, 2006


Exercise 5/6: cycling all over town
Time: about 1 hour

It is a long weekend!!! Monday is Respect for the Aged Day in Japan.
Yesterday after school, we biked to the next town to get videos and then back to our Plant 6 (like Superstore) to get groceries. I remember last year when we got here, we found it SO overwhelming to have to go to Plant 6 on a bike to get groceries for 4 people. Mind you we only had 1 bike at the time...
Now that we have 4 bikes (actually 6, but that's another story) we use Selah's basket, my basket and one backpack. That does us for half the week, so we go 2 times. Not bad...and we get exercise and family-time out of the deal. (the kids have resisted initially because this cuts into their playtime with friends, but they are getting used to it. AND once we are actually on the way, they like it...I was the same way as a kid ;-)

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Exercise 4/6: Karate
Time: 1:30

I enjoyed it...but the kids are tired. Getting back into routine makes Thursday nights seem long.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A Trip for Coffee

Exercise 3/6: 2 stints of cycling
Time: 35-ish min X 2 = more than 1 hour

Sports Day yesterday was a blast. :-) I ran with some girls in a 5 legged race. We were anchors for our team and our team fell way behind so when we ran we were totally on our own...all eyes on us. We chanted English and got around the pylon without falling. :-) If you have to lose...lose big! ;-)
After supper, I rode to Ogaki on my bike. I was out of coffee beans! Desperate times call for desperate measures. Anyhow, I went to my favourite coffee shop in the mall (Tully's) and met a friend there. We chatted (far too long!) over a peach smoothie and a banana/acai yogurt shake and then I rode home again.
One thing I am looking forward to back in Canada is wider roads and sidewalks! (Mind you, the vehicles will be going twice the speed...). I read the other day that Kamloops is well-known for its Mountain Biking trails! Those will be nice too!
Colin has all but given up on cycling all the way to work...again. After investing in better quality tires, he went to get on his bike yesterday morning and found a flat.:-| There is one section of the trail that is littered with debris (glass, metal etc) and he seems to pick something up everytime he rides by. Anyhow, he only cycled to our local train station today. It is about a 15 min ride for him. The commute will take just as long.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

AM Strength

Exercise 2/6: 60 squats/12 Yoga push-ups

Today is Sport's Festival Day at the high school. I am on the white team this year and get to run in the 6 legged race (5 people)? Anyhow, I'll let you know how it goes. ;-)

Also, I am going to ride into Ogaki tonight for coffee with a friend. Going car-less tonight.

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Exercise 1/6: Karate
Time: 1:30

Tonight was a stretching night...literally! We always do stretches, but tonight we worked with partners to stretch out our legs. I stood with my back against the wall and Colin stood facing me. He did a horse stance (in a squat position with feet parallel but far apart and knees straddling a horse) and I put one leg on his shoulder (in various kicking front kick. another was a side kick) and then he stood slowly until I couldn't take anymore..and froze. Then we switched. A couple of the kids from one family are super flexible and they can do the splits in any direction. There is much difference between them and I in this exercise! ;-)

Colin has bought new tires that seem to be more durable. So, we shall see how they hold up during this week's commute. Ganbatte, my love!

Cutting it close!

Wow, my deadline is 1 1/2 hours away!
...but that is okay cuz I finished my workouts. :-P

Saturday AM
Exercise 5/6: cycling
Time: 40:13
Av. HR: 142

Saturday PM
Exercise 6/6: Neo River (climbing/hiking/river-walking...on my feet all day etc)

We took the ALT's from our area out to our favourite swimming hole. We rented 2 vans (which was a feat in and of itself) and drove out together for the day. It has been raining heavily this week (and terribly humid) so the river was quite high! Our usual place to set up "camp" was under water and the current was quite strong... read more, check out our family blog, Stories of Cultural Vertigo. (I don't want to have to type it all twice ;-) )

Friday, September 08, 2006

Too many flats

But they weren't mine! I didn't go riding Thursday morning for 2 reasons...1) it was pouring and 2) I have Karate in the evening. But, Colin called from some town on his way home from school, after his 2nd flat. (Thank-goodness for cell phones!) All his patches were used up (because he has had a flat almost everyday this week!). Then he tried a different tube and it allowed him to "limp" home by 6:30. So, I didn't have to take the car and try to find him. Needless to say, we missed Karate and he was just a little discouraged about riding to work. On Sunday, he will take some time to go buy quality tires.
So, yesterday ended up being my day off of exercising.
I chickened out of riding this morning cuz it was pouring.
I will have to do a workout after school. Maybe I will risk bugging my neighbours, put on some Aerosmith and do my own version of a Karate/Tae-bo work out in my living room.
More later...

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Exercise 4/6: 60 sqats/14 yoga push-ups/ 20 sit ups

Woke up this morning on time but felt really queasy. So I opted for a strength work-out instead of nothing at all. [It is shorter in length and closer to the toilet ;-) ]

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Exercise 3/6: Cycling
Time: 34:52
Av. HR: 146

A little slower this morning...but no harm in that. At least I was out there. I had no source of inspiriation either (like Asahi man yesterday...or Colin the time before that...or tunes)

Colin and I are going to invest in an iPod Nano...but we are waiting until after Sept 16th or so. The rumor is that Apple is coming out with a new version that is aluminum (won't scratch so easily), has more memory and costs less. We are going to TRY to share one. ;-)

Monday, September 04, 2006


Exercise 2/6: Cycling
Time: 33:25
Av. HR: 151

I set the alarm for 5am. It was still dark so I reset it for 5:30. Yuck. Anyhow, I got in my ride before Colin had to go to work. Now if I can just get myself into bed at a decent time on a regular basis it shouldn't be too bad. (If the grammas here can be up and gardening by that hour, I can haul my hynie onto a bike).
I had fun trying to keep up with a university racer this morning. He was wearing his Asahi University cycling uniform...and he was fast. So, it was more like, "let's see if I can finish this length before he laps me...again! ;-) Seriously, he was fast.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Karate Night

Exercise 1/6: Karate
Time: 1:30

Fall is in the air! Not like back in Canada, but the evenings are definitely feeling cooler (sometimes goes as low as 23˚C!) and its getting dark earlier! Woohoo!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Why I like Karate...

A friend of mine asked me to post some of my reasons for doing or enjoying Karate, so I will try my best.

First and foremost, it was something we could do as a family. I didn't want to be a "soccer mom" or something like that...where I would sit for 2 hours on the sidelines instead of working out. I am probably the one in my family who needs excercise the most! ;-) We are progressing as a family, and even thought the kids complain sometimes...we are in it together.

Secondly, I have a sense of strength and acheivement. I started Karate at 32 and now have my yellow belt, and no reason why I can't get my black belt within the next few years if I keep at it. How cool is that?! I have been pleasantly surprised. I also feel more secure/ I could take care of myself if I ended up in a situation where I absolutely had to.

Thirdly, I like what Karate stands for. It is used for self-defense only and has several "rules" that I believe are totally compatible with my faith. At least, I have found verses in the Bible that could match with each one of the following:

Hitotsu (means "one", and they are all numbered as such since they are all equally important)

Hitotsu: Seek perfection of character
Hitotsu: Be faithful
Hitotsu: Endeavor
Hitotsu: Respect others
Hitotsu: Refrain from violent behaviour

The classes held in the dojo consist of students of all levels. The more senior members help train the lesser level members by example. I don't have to worry about "performing" or sparring because we don't do those things until we are ready. For example, as a yellow belt, I spare with my peers, but at this level, the sparring is "promised". It is like a set routine so we know exactly what is coming and how to react. As we progress to a higher level the sparring will become more free...but by then we will have enough training so we will know how to react. Furthermore, I don't need to enter tournaments in order to pass my levels.

I also like the fact that this is teaching my kids discipline and respect...and perserverance. It also provides us with community. We spend a lot of free time with the members of our dojo, which is a cool side benefit.

Need I say more? If your doctor says you are fit, I would recommend this martial art to anyone.
Click here to view our dojo Homepage

School has begun!

Friday, Sept. 1st
Exercise (5/6): 60 squates, 14 yoga push ups

The kids (and Colin) started back to school today. I had the day off because I assumed the kids would be coming home at 11 or 12...but they had a regular day of classes! So I had the day to myself! So, I purged the house of summer holidays and cleaned my arse off! I think that should almost count as my workout...;-)
The weather is also definitely cooling off here. I am feeling chilled when the weather dips below 28˚C on the odd day. It is still usually in the 30's unless it rains, but the nighttime temp. is getting lower. Yeaah!

Today, Sept 2nd
Exercise (6/6): Cliff jumping at the Neo River

Yes, we went again. And we are taking the Seino Region JET ALT's next weekend! There should be about 20 of us. It is now our daisuki (大好き) {favourite} place in Japan! :-)

Thursday, August 31, 2006


Exercise 4/6: Karate
Time: about 1:30

Hmmmm. Not much to say...same old same old.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Ride with Colin

Exercise (3/6): Cycling
Time: 42:53 (about 1 hour)
HR: 155

The kids were at their friends' houses so we took the chance to go for a ride together! Fun! I work way harder when he is around. The sun was about to set as we finished up. I was cursing the wind while riding but it sure was nice afterwards.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Back in the Saddle

Exercise 2/6: Cycling
Time: 25:21 (40 min)
HR: 150

Well that sucked!
I got up this morning and tried to put my contacts in. My eyes just about popped out of my head! I think my solution went bad in the know...the whole "store below 35˚" - thing just doesn't work here in Japan. So, now I have to wear my glasses all day.
Then I went for a ride. I got up at 6 am. Colin says, "Have fun!" and I just gave him the evil eye. Starting next week I will have to get up at 5am if I want to go for a ride, because he will be cycling to school and leaving here at 6:30 every morning! Yes, that's right...he will bike for about 1:30 one way to commute to school. (It is all bike path...he discovered a new route on Saturday). That means that before and after school I am very limited as to what I can do for a work out, unless I get up at 5 am. grrrrrrrr.
Back to my ride... I need biking shorts! I was VERY uncomfortable by the end of 2 laps and couldn't do a third. I was getting hot spots (the step before blisters) where one should not!
So, needless to say, I am off to a grumpy start today.
But hey, it is better for me than laying in bed, right? (yea, right)

Sunday, August 27, 2006

What a day!

It was quite the active day for us Madlands in Japan...

Exercise (1/6): 2 games of softball and then Karate
Time: each game was 1 hour (about 4 innings) and the Karate 2 hours (about 1:30)...I'm tired!

Strength Workout

Exercise (6/6): 55 squats, 12 yoga push-ups

The yoga push ups seem to be getting easier. My Karate-sensei calls them "cat stretches" cuz, well, they look like a cat stretching.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Lovin' the River

Exercise(5/6): Cliff Jumping in the Neo River
Time: quite awhile!

Got a Canadian guest coming for dinner...gotta run!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Karate Night

Tis Thursday, so we went to Karate...

Exercise (4/6): Karate
Time: 1:30

I felt really awful tonight. I had the day off of work, just for a bit of a break with the family. But it is really hot, so I didn't eat much and we sat around all day. Then all of a sudden I was working out. I think I was dehydrated to start and so the workout just got harder. Next time, I will keep myself better hydrated...even if I am not so active.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Starting to bike for life

I don't know if you have recently visited our family blog about our life in Japan, but we, as a family, spend a lot of time imagining and planning for our return to Canada. We have been doing a lot of thinking about our fitness, health AND (as we read the Canadian newspapers online) about the increasing obesity problem in Canada. Anyhow, long story short, we are planning to go car-free when we return to Canada.
Impossible, you say? Not at all. Click here to read more on that topic.
So, we have started the transition here in Japan. We still have a car, and are saddled with those payments for awhile, but we are trying to use it less and less. This has consequences...and they are all positive. (at least for my health...not neccesarily for my convenience!) It also means that, as I continue to become more active, I will have to become more "clear" about my exercise. When school starts, Sept 1st, the exercise that I log in here, will have to be an actual workout. Either a strength workout or aerobic (in which my Heart Rate is being monitored). I am not sure where Karate fits into this. I guess I will have to discuss that with my "personal trainer" ;-)

Exercise (3/6): Cycling (errands)
Time: about 1 hour

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Catching Up

Okay, so, I took Sunday off. Although, I did spend 2 hours helping clean the elementary school in prep for school to start again. And we biked there and home. But I am not logging that as exercise/workout. It was a great calorie burner...but as I become more and more active, I will need to be more specific and log "workouts" as opposed to general exercise.

Monday, August 21st: Left for a 2-day Conference for new JETs in my prefecture held in Gifu City. It was only overnight so I packed light and put it on the back of my bike and biked to Ogaki city train station. I met up there with the new ALT's and we went together.

Exercise (1/6): Cycling
Time: 40 min

Tuesday, August 22nd: same exercise, only returing home!
Exercise (2/6): Cycling
Time: 40 min

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Just made it!

This was close timing! I did the exercise yesterday, but I think the deadline is in about 8 hours from now. ;-)

Exercise: Cycling (the family and I biked to downtown to play at the castle park. It took about 40 minutes on way)
Then we took several new ALT's on a walking tour of downtown to show them where things (like the 24 hour post office/bank/ramen noodle shops etc were...since, unless they have some proficiency in Japanese, its not an easy thing to do. (I was learning new things myself yesterday, and I have been here a year! What a difference it makes to be a literate person. I look forward to that aspect of returning to Canada next year :-))

Time: 40 +40= 80 min cycling
walking a lot of the evening.

Good news! The scale shows that I am down about 2 1/2 Kilos since I started. That's about 5lbs. Small yea! (I love using Kilos when it come to HOW MUCH weight I need to lose because it doesn't seem like so much. But when it comes to reporting how much weight I have lost already...I like using pounds because is sounds like so much MORE! ;-) sheeesh, I can be such a girl!)

Thursday, August 17, 2006


Exercise (5/6): Karate
Time: 1:30 (It is actually 2 hours but there was a 30 min break)

It was a good steady workout tonight. We started to learned Heiyansandan. (for you Karate buffs...)
The kids did really well tonight even though it is HOT. It is especially humid tonight because of a typhoon south of us. We don't have the storm...just heavy air and sometimes a dump of rain.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Cliff Jumping in the Neo

What a wonderful day! To beat the heat we went to the mountains for a picnic with some friends. We spent the afternoon cliff jumping and "swimming" upstream on the Neo (Nay-oh) River and then BBQ-ing supper. The Japanese sure know how to picnic! Yatta! When it got to be dusk, we finished the picnic with the children smashing a watermelon like a pinata, blindfolded and all just with the watermelon on the ground. Then we at huge chunks! After that we roasted some marshmallows and set off some small fireworks.

Exercise(4/6): Swimming/cliff jumping (which includes climbing)
Time: all afternoon

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A True Cultural Experience

We travelled to Gero town in Gifu prefecture yesterday. This is what it is all about! Not a bus tour, or pre-planned trip being "touristy". We went and stayed with the family of a student of mine in their little hometown to see their ancient yearly festival. They fed us traditional Japanese food for supper...what a spread! I ate fish on a stick...literally! River fish cooked whole on a stick. I ate skin/flesh/bones...everything! (aren't you impressed, Mom?)
We saw men in towels riding on a platform representing their fire god, and later fireworks. Today we were in Takayama 高山 (means "tall mountains") and saw their local temple and walked the streets. They call it "Little Kyoto". Keep your eye on our family blog...we will post pictures and stories there.

Anyway, my exercise...
2/6: Walking all over Gero
3/6: Walking all over Takayama

Tomorrow we are going to the mountains for a BBQ with our Karate-sensei. Should be fun...and hot. I am enjoying all this fun stuff but I am starting to crave routine again. I look forward to going back to school in the regard that my workouts will be of a more consistant variety.

Sunday, August 13, 2006


Exercise (1/6): cycling
Time: 45 min or so
Av Heart Rate: 157 for 26:33

No Karate today because it is the Japanese time for Obon. It is not an official Japanese holiday due to seperation of religion and state, but everyone takes it anyway. They celebrate their dead ancestors and pray to them. Often there are all night dances. All the cemeteries are lit up with lanterns/candles and other streamers and stuff.
So, I went cycling. I didn't go for long because it got dark on me! Oops. But I went all out. One direction I was flying (I thought, wow! I've improved!). Then I turned around...Dang! Riding into the wind sucks! Oh well, I guess I just have to look at it as extra exercise. I sure got my heart rate up tonight. :-)

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Congratulations Mixon!

I forgot to post this earlier because of my trip to Tokyo...
My son got his yellow belt!!!
Way to go my boy. I am proud of you for persevering.

Click here for the link to his podcast and some pictures if you are interested...

2 for 1

It is Saturday and so I only have one day to do 2 sets of exercise...
My hubby says I can to 2 workouts in one day...and he is a personal we are going with that as certified permission and NOT an excuse! ;-)

So far, one workout done.

Exercise (5/6): 50 squats and 10 yoga push ups

Just before sundown, I am going to go for a ride. It is a little cooler then. That will be my sixth. I will post it later.
Hopefully, there won't be a thunderstorm like last night. The lightning was almost on top of us and the thunder was louder than the fireworks we just saw! Needless to say, our children slept with us last night!

more later...


Exercise 6/6: We had thunderstorms all afternoon! Anyway, just before dark we rode our bikes to the elementary school and played some soccer, then biked home.
Light but fun. The point was, we were moving!
Time: 30 minutes

Thursday, August 10, 2006

I'm baaaaaack

Yep, I am home. I am exhausted. I had a great time.
I sure don't recover from long hours as fast as I used to when I was younger...

Exercise 2/6: Walking all over Shinjuku, Tokyo. Put on some walkin shorts and sweated it out. Went with a friend to a restaurant that served macrobiotics. It was all natural, no gluten, no dairy, no meat. It was delicious! (and expensive). This friend (whom I had met 2 days before) told me she lived in Scotland for a year and did a lot of walking and hiking. Since then she has lost 90 lbs!!! Wow! What an inspiration.

Exercise 3/6: Again, more walking! I fully understand why people who live in metropolitan areas and get around by transit have less weight issues!!! You do A LOT of walking!
Went to the Canadian Embassy this evening. I got a little veclempt (sp?) and then ate too many chips. (yes, I am way an emotional eater!)

I got some beautiful pictures there. I will post them on our family blog...
Afterwards, I went on the town with a bunch of my co-workers. What a hoot.

Working on about 3 1/2 hours sleep, I rounded up the new Assistant Language Teachers for my prefecture and helped to bring them "home" on the bullet train. Then, guess what I did?
I slept.
No exercise this day.

Right back at it. I went to work today. (so did the newbies)
Unfortunately we had to be "genki" (lively, happy Japanese) and do English Workshops for students at the international center. That takes energy...

(Begrudgingly) Exercise 4/6: Karate
And for the is 37˚C today.

Sunday, August 06, 2006


This is Colin. Kelly is currently on a business trip to Tokyo for 5 days. She informed me that her workout this morning (Sunday) consisted of 50 squats and 10 Yoga push-ups.

Friday, August 04, 2006


Exercise(6/6): Cycling
Time: 40:46 (elevated HR) about 50min with warm up/cool down
Av. Heart Rate: 152

Woohoo! Week 3 bites the dust! No iTunes for any of you! Although, my love affair with cycling has quickly vanished. Always pushing to up my heart rate sucks the joy (or would the word be "leisure"?) right out of it.
I am heading to Tokyo tomorrow to help new Language Teachers arrive in the country and get situated. It is going to be a crazy 5 I won't be logging in for a few.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Another Thursday, Another Karate

Exercise (5/6): Karate
Time: 1:30
Av Heart Rate: NA

It was a good but light workout. It hit 39˚C today, so no one was moving very fast. Learned a new kata tonight (which basically means "routine"): Tekishodan. Very cool! (It is short so easy to remember). It has something to do with "enemy" and "first one". (Apparently the next one will be being 2)
Mixon redoes his heyannidan (yellow belt routine) on Sunday. Ganbatte, my boy!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Upped my Time

Exercise(4/6): Cycling
Time: 50-55 mins
Av Heart Rate: 148 bpm for 40:56

My husband (who happens to be a personal trainer as well) told me to up my time today. (Yuch)
So, I did.
I also did about 15 km in that time. I am sure that is not good, but I have no where to go but up. We have discovered that one particular strip of the bike path has no interruptions for 2 1/2 km. A cycling team from the university uses now we use it to do "laps".

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Did NOT want to get up

This morning was rough getting out of bed.
I have a theory that the mosquitos in Japan have evolved! I swear they are intelligent! They hide all day and just after the humans have fallen asleep, they press their attack! They also know how to avoid the bug zapper and how to stay quiet.
Last night I woke up scratching after only a few minutes of sleep. 2 bites on my face, one on the PALM OF MY HAND, and one on my index finger later, I was fully awake. Grrrrrrrr.

So, needless to say, I was a bit grumpy getting out of bed this morning. But YOU are here, just waiting for your chance to pounce on those iTunes. I had no choice.

Exercise (3/6): Bike ride
Time: about 40 min
Av Heart Rate: 147 for 28:44
I thought I had compensated for the time by going farther today...I wanted to keep my HR up for 30 min...but apparently I am going farther faster! :-)
That's good to know because my legs felt like led this morning.

I need tunes for the ride to help me keep my pace up. I new by the HR monitor that I was slowing down so I started chugga-chugga-choo-choo-ing!!!! It helped me keep my pace...but I am sure I looked ridiculus! (lol)
An iPod would look much cooler!~

Monday, July 31, 2006

Frisbee Again

Exercise(2/6): Frisbee with Colin (definitely more of a work-out playing without the kids! -sorry kids- ;-))
Time: 30 min
Av. Heart Rate:NA

The fam. and I met up at the elementary school after work and I played frisbee with Colin for a good half hour. Next time I will put the heart rate monitor on! It was intense for a while. Then Selah (my daughter) joined us and things slowed down considerably. Then we all biked home.

Selah is learning how to ride a unicycle! Now there's good exercise! They are part of the recess equipment at the kids' school. There are also parallel bars for beginners to use their hands while they learn to balance. Too cool!
On that same note, all elementary school is Japan have a pool. Swimming is a part of the phys ed curriculum. The kids are going everyday during summer break too and rapidly improving! :-)
Yea for them.
They alone are good incentive for me to keep my arse in gear, if I want to keep up with them in the coming years.
I think I will bike in the morning...on my 2-wheeler!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Starting Week 3

Exercise(1/6): Karate
Time: 2 hours
Av. Heart Rate: NA

It was a good workout tonight. I wore my yellow belt for the first time tonight. :-)
Mixon has his test next Sunday. Unfortunately, I won't be able to see him through it because I will be in Tokyo. Colin will have to hold the fort down. But, hopefully that will put an end to his tale of woe.
I also am not sure about what to do for exercise/this site while I am away for 5 full and very busy days next week.
Should I take time off/suspend the challenge during a business trip?
Should I find time no matter what...even if I've only slept 4 hours? (which could be entirely possible on this trip).
Feel free to offer suggestions...

Saturday, July 29, 2006

No change...grrrrrrr.

It has now been 2 weeks. I have managed steady exercise and am getting into a routine and so on. This is good. I am not out any money yet (which doesn't make the website very exciting for you...but it works for me! ;-)

I have been on the scale and there is no movement yet. I find that very frustrating and psychologically impeding. It makes me feel like all that effort was for nothing. I may as well sit in comfort on my arse! I want results! But I have to get past the scale and realize it is more about my health in the long run. And it is not like I have been overly active the rest of the day. I have a desk job.

My workouts have to get longer and more intense on a regular basis.


Frisbee Time :-)

Exercise (6/6): Light bike ride and frisbee.
Time: 1:30
Av. Heart Rate: NA

Went for a bike ride with the family to the local "castle" by the river and played frisbee for an hour or so in the parking lot. It is overcast today so the sun wasn't bearing down on us. We had a great time. :-)
If only ALL exercise could be that enjoyable!
Time for some frozen yogurt.

We may bike to the local fireworks display tonight on a different river. In Japanese, fireworks is "hanabi" which means 'flower-fire'. The locals come adorned in their yukatas (summer versions of kimonos...less hot) to see and be seen.

Early Ride

Yesterday (July 28th) Friday morning
Exercise (5/6): Bike Ride
Time: 40 minutes
Av. Heart Rate: 147 for 28:17

I would have done a longer ride at that heart rate...but I got stopped by a bunch of traffic near the end and so I turned off the monitor a bit early.
I am learning the trail better. I couldn't find where it reconnected after a bridge crossing...but I found it this morning.
It was already getting hot at 6:30am!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

It Was a Hot One

...Like 7 inches from the mid-day sun...
Depending on where you were in Gifu today, it was 35-37˚C. Not sure what that feels like on a humidex (they don't have that here)...but it felt gross.

Exercise (4/6): Karate
Time: 2 hours (1 of which was hard work ;-)
Heart Rate: NA (can't moniter in class cuz I can't wear any accersories for obvious reasons...)

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A Nice Evening Ride

Exercise(3/6): Biking
Time: 40-45 min approx
Av Heart Rate: 148 for 29:49

Went for a ride after supper today. Not sure how I feel about that...I was tired from the day, full from a bit of supper and now I am hungry later. Hmmmm. I will judge whether it affects my sleep (or lack thereof) in the morning.

Have to go try and get Japanese Driver's Licenses in the morning so it will be another evening workout.

I did it.

Exercise (2/6): Biking in the rain!
Time: approx 40 min
Av Heart Rate: 144 for 31:03

I am learning lots. For instance, it is really difficult to get my heart rate up over 150 when I haven’t had anything to eat and it is raining. (probably had more to do with not eating anything)
My stomach doesn’t like early morning plus I was anxious about biking in the rain. I stood at my kitchen window for about 5 minutes going through a list of excuses why I didn’t have to go. But this blog-thing is helping me keep things in perspective. I recently typed something like “no more excuses”. So, I went. And I actually enjoyed it! Except that I was hungry and (as my husband would say) “bonked” – wore out/crashed because I hadn’t eaten. Next time I will start with an orange. (Mandarin oranges are in season from now until Christmas here!)

I stayed up late tonight and watched 24 on DVD (one of my many weaknesses) so I will NOT be getting up early to work out. After school is my goal. Should be fun because I can work out with my husband who is on summer vacation. (which means he has no problem staying up late…grrrrrrr)

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Week 2 Off to a Slow Start

Exercise (1/6): Karate
Time: 1 hour
Heart Rate: Not worth recording.

It was exercise...but it was pretty light.
The rain has descended again. Another weather advisory for heavy rain/thunderstorms/flood.
So, the big question is...will she ride in the rain tomorrow morning?

Saturday, July 22, 2006

First Week Finished!

Exercise (6/6): Biking
Time: about 45 min
Av. Heart Rate: 157 (35:27)

It is a beautiful sunny Saturday in Gifu, Japan. 29˚C today. I think I am sunburnt from my ride. But my crotch hurts less today! :-)
I got farther and went faster.
This is the first week of the rest of my life. No more excuses. (and I am the queen of excuses)

So, I cheated you out of your itunes...this week.
Keep watching!

Thursday, July 20, 2006


My body is hurting is all kinds of places! It is Thursday morning but I am not working out this morning....but don't hold your breath. I have a 2 hour Karate session tonight.

Don't give up on me slackin' though. If you are vigilant, you may get your itunes yet. I am always eager the first week of a program.

More later...


Just finished Karate. I got my yellow belt! (small yeah)
It is not a joyous occasion because my son got only a conditional pass...he has to retest in a few weeks in order to get his belt. I think the world stopped turning. As far as he is concerned, he failed and he is stupid and he hates Karate and never wants to do it again. He cried, he was embarrassed (like I am at my spelling....) What is a mom to do?
I hope this is one of those things that goes on to create great character. I will tell him till I have no breath left in me, how much I love him and what an awesome kid he is. Maybe someday it will sink in.

Exercise (5/6): Karate
Time: off and on for 1 hour due to familial crisis
Heart Rate: Don't know because I can't wear my watch-like monitor in class.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Rain, rain go away!

Exercise (4/6): Karate
Time: 30 min
Av. HR: 127 (for 23:17 of the above 30)

I am figuring out what gets my heart rate up indoors in a small apartment. Probably good the first official week gives me room to improve and prevents over doing it.

It is still raining...
There is an official weather warning for floods and thunderstorms for our area. I am glad we live on the 2nd floor! Apparently the rainy season in Japan comes in like a lamb and goes out like a lion! Rain is forecast through till Sunday. We are all a little grumpy about it.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Indoor Workout

Exercise (3/6): Karate, Squats
Time: 30 min
Heart Rate: Av. 118
-Not very high, but I did 50 squats and inumerable sit-ups (I lost count, but I burnt out) on the Abs ball, and maybe 5 attempts at yoga push-ups (those are cool, but I have no arm strength...or maybe my body is just too heavy yet) as well as karate.
-raining today so that's why I did the "indoor thing". I want to order those new Tae Bo DVD's for indoor times...I think they will help get my heart-rate up when I am housebound.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Biking in the Rain

Exercise(2): Biking
Time: 30 minutes
Av. Heart Rate: 144 (at one point it topped out at 160 - had to work for it though)

Kids were occupied at a community kid's event, so I went for a ride/workout with the rain. It was actually nice cuz it cools you down.

(Somebody is baking cake or pie or something. It smells SO good!!! I want chocolate.)
I need some of those cycling short with padding "you know where". That was painful!

2 down/4 to go

Oh yea, along with my picture I will post my original weight (I weighed in last week) and have a "weight counter" to chart my progress. I can download one off the internet I'm sure. I will weigh in once a week...probably a Saturday morning.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Yellow Belt Karate?

Exercise - Karate
Time - 2 hours (kind of)...more like 1 hour of actual exercise

I had my test for yellow belt today. Don't know if I passed yet. I screwed up on a couple of things...
1) my combination blocks
2) my foot position on some of my stances...I think my toes were pointed the wrong way a few times and Sensei doesn't miss a thing.
Oh well. I will find out next week if I get a fancy new colour to belt up my Gi (pronounced gee with a hard "g").

I noticed my sister-in-law has put up a link on her blog for this one. Game on! (Thanx Rach)

I will post a "before" picture soon. Whether it will be a "before I am skinny" or "before I am broke" picture has yet to be determined!

(I really really really don't want to post a picture like that. I hate pictures of me!!!!! But that is the whole point of this isn't it? At least I can block out my eyes/face)

As the Japanese would say..."Ganbatte" (which means, fight!/persevere/endure etc)
If this is said to you, you are to reply "Ganbarimasu" (I will fight my best)


Saturday, July 15, 2006

The iTunes Challenge

Want some free iTunes? I will give you a $10 iTunes gift certificate if you catch me slacking off.
Here's the deal. I need to lose weight. I need to exercise regularly but I need some accountability. Problem is, I am half-way around the world from most family and friends, so accountability is lacking and I don't want (nor enjoy) my husband in that role. And this is way more fun!
I need to exercise a minimum of 6 days a week. If I haven't posted by (each) Saturday, midnight- Pacific Standard Time (which is Sunday, 4 or 5 pm in Japan where I am...depending on the time of year), then the first person to post a comment within the next 24 hours will be the proud recipient of a $10 iTunes gift certificate from yours truly!
I will continue to work on setting up the blog with stats and features as I have time, but for now, I just wanted to get started.

Pass this on to friends and family! Everyone is welcome to my challenge!

(What the heck am I doing?!?!?! Am I Crazy? I am scared spitless. I hope I lose weight and not money)