Saturday, October 14, 2006

Still struggling

My week off is almost over and I am still flagging.
It is amazing how much a fever takes out of a person! It doesn't help when you have to keep working...
I am well over the actual fever, but I am struggling to keep from getting a secondary infection. I feel terrible still. Today I slept in, had brunch hung then folded laundry and had to lay down. I slept again for an hour and a half!
Then we went for a family bike ride. A nice slow pace. My first work-out since being sick (and yet not altogether better). I am back home with a splitting headache and I feel exhausted. Sheesh! What did I pick up?!
Anyhow, the sunset was nice on the way home. The clock says 5:51 on Sat. evening and it is dark now.
Tonight we are having a one-year anniversary party for our Karate Dojo! Tomorrow night is supossed to be our 2nd test for yellow-belt...but I am in no shape to take it. I will have to break it gently to Edo-Sensei. ;-)

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Rachel Z said...

I've had that same kind of week. In the evenings I've just felt so run down and had several episodes of the chills. I just could not get warm the other day even after a bath, cup of tea, under the covers with a magic bag. Until I woke up some hours later - boiling hot!
I only made it to the gym once last week. But I'm encouraged that the number is smaller every time I step on the scale. I was supposed to have my monthly weigh and measure this week but didn't get to it as I was feeling so crummy. Next week. I'm really curious to hear how many inches I've lost.

Back at 'er next week, my friend!