Saturday, July 29, 2006

No change...grrrrrrr.

It has now been 2 weeks. I have managed steady exercise and am getting into a routine and so on. This is good. I am not out any money yet (which doesn't make the website very exciting for you...but it works for me! ;-)

I have been on the scale and there is no movement yet. I find that very frustrating and psychologically impeding. It makes me feel like all that effort was for nothing. I may as well sit in comfort on my arse! I want results! But I have to get past the scale and realize it is more about my health in the long run. And it is not like I have been overly active the rest of the day. I have a desk job.

My workouts have to get longer and more intense on a regular basis.


Frisbee Time :-)

Exercise (6/6): Light bike ride and frisbee.
Time: 1:30
Av. Heart Rate: NA

Went for a bike ride with the family to the local "castle" by the river and played frisbee for an hour or so in the parking lot. It is overcast today so the sun wasn't bearing down on us. We had a great time. :-)
If only ALL exercise could be that enjoyable!
Time for some frozen yogurt.

We may bike to the local fireworks display tonight on a different river. In Japanese, fireworks is "hanabi" which means 'flower-fire'. The locals come adorned in their yukatas (summer versions of kimonos...less hot) to see and be seen.

Early Ride

Yesterday (July 28th) Friday morning
Exercise (5/6): Bike Ride
Time: 40 minutes
Av. Heart Rate: 147 for 28:17

I would have done a longer ride at that heart rate...but I got stopped by a bunch of traffic near the end and so I turned off the monitor a bit early.
I am learning the trail better. I couldn't find where it reconnected after a bridge crossing...but I found it this morning.
It was already getting hot at 6:30am!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

It Was a Hot One

...Like 7 inches from the mid-day sun...
Depending on where you were in Gifu today, it was 35-37˚C. Not sure what that feels like on a humidex (they don't have that here)...but it felt gross.

Exercise (4/6): Karate
Time: 2 hours (1 of which was hard work ;-)
Heart Rate: NA (can't moniter in class cuz I can't wear any accersories for obvious reasons...)

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A Nice Evening Ride

Exercise(3/6): Biking
Time: 40-45 min approx
Av Heart Rate: 148 for 29:49

Went for a ride after supper today. Not sure how I feel about that...I was tired from the day, full from a bit of supper and now I am hungry later. Hmmmm. I will judge whether it affects my sleep (or lack thereof) in the morning.

Have to go try and get Japanese Driver's Licenses in the morning so it will be another evening workout.

I did it.

Exercise (2/6): Biking in the rain!
Time: approx 40 min
Av Heart Rate: 144 for 31:03

I am learning lots. For instance, it is really difficult to get my heart rate up over 150 when I haven’t had anything to eat and it is raining. (probably had more to do with not eating anything)
My stomach doesn’t like early morning plus I was anxious about biking in the rain. I stood at my kitchen window for about 5 minutes going through a list of excuses why I didn’t have to go. But this blog-thing is helping me keep things in perspective. I recently typed something like “no more excuses”. So, I went. And I actually enjoyed it! Except that I was hungry and (as my husband would say) “bonked” – wore out/crashed because I hadn’t eaten. Next time I will start with an orange. (Mandarin oranges are in season from now until Christmas here!)

I stayed up late tonight and watched 24 on DVD (one of my many weaknesses) so I will NOT be getting up early to work out. After school is my goal. Should be fun because I can work out with my husband who is on summer vacation. (which means he has no problem staying up late…grrrrrrr)

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Week 2 Off to a Slow Start

Exercise (1/6): Karate
Time: 1 hour
Heart Rate: Not worth recording.

It was exercise...but it was pretty light.
The rain has descended again. Another weather advisory for heavy rain/thunderstorms/flood.
So, the big question is...will she ride in the rain tomorrow morning?