Saturday, August 12, 2006

Congratulations Mixon!

I forgot to post this earlier because of my trip to Tokyo...
My son got his yellow belt!!!
Way to go my boy. I am proud of you for persevering.

Click here for the link to his podcast and some pictures if you are interested...

2 for 1

It is Saturday and so I only have one day to do 2 sets of exercise...
My hubby says I can to 2 workouts in one day...and he is a personal we are going with that as certified permission and NOT an excuse! ;-)

So far, one workout done.

Exercise (5/6): 50 squats and 10 yoga push ups

Just before sundown, I am going to go for a ride. It is a little cooler then. That will be my sixth. I will post it later.
Hopefully, there won't be a thunderstorm like last night. The lightning was almost on top of us and the thunder was louder than the fireworks we just saw! Needless to say, our children slept with us last night!

more later...


Exercise 6/6: We had thunderstorms all afternoon! Anyway, just before dark we rode our bikes to the elementary school and played some soccer, then biked home.
Light but fun. The point was, we were moving!
Time: 30 minutes

Thursday, August 10, 2006

I'm baaaaaack

Yep, I am home. I am exhausted. I had a great time.
I sure don't recover from long hours as fast as I used to when I was younger...

Exercise 2/6: Walking all over Shinjuku, Tokyo. Put on some walkin shorts and sweated it out. Went with a friend to a restaurant that served macrobiotics. It was all natural, no gluten, no dairy, no meat. It was delicious! (and expensive). This friend (whom I had met 2 days before) told me she lived in Scotland for a year and did a lot of walking and hiking. Since then she has lost 90 lbs!!! Wow! What an inspiration.

Exercise 3/6: Again, more walking! I fully understand why people who live in metropolitan areas and get around by transit have less weight issues!!! You do A LOT of walking!
Went to the Canadian Embassy this evening. I got a little veclempt (sp?) and then ate too many chips. (yes, I am way an emotional eater!)

I got some beautiful pictures there. I will post them on our family blog...
Afterwards, I went on the town with a bunch of my co-workers. What a hoot.

Working on about 3 1/2 hours sleep, I rounded up the new Assistant Language Teachers for my prefecture and helped to bring them "home" on the bullet train. Then, guess what I did?
I slept.
No exercise this day.

Right back at it. I went to work today. (so did the newbies)
Unfortunately we had to be "genki" (lively, happy Japanese) and do English Workshops for students at the international center. That takes energy...

(Begrudgingly) Exercise 4/6: Karate
And for the is 37˚C today.

Sunday, August 06, 2006


This is Colin. Kelly is currently on a business trip to Tokyo for 5 days. She informed me that her workout this morning (Sunday) consisted of 50 squats and 10 Yoga push-ups.