Saturday, February 03, 2007

Last Day of Winter! least in Japan...
While Japan officially recognizes the vernal equinox as the first day of spring because they are a fairly "westernized" country, the old Japanese (lunar?) calendar says this is the last day of winter, and Feb. 4th is the first day of spring. Today is the day that people throw beans out their doors and windows while saying, "Out with the demons (bad) and in with the good." Nowadays, it is kind of their equivilant to our Halloween. The daffodils have been up since December, and now people have spring flowers on their steps in pots. (things we would see in June in Calgary!!!)
I even saw a tree with blossoms on it!


Exercise 2/6:Walking
Time: 1 hour

Exercise 3/6: Cycling
Time: 45 min

Today (so far)
Exercise 4/6: Walking
Time: 35 mins

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Back to Billy

Exercise 1/6: Abs Workout
Time: 27 min

It is BEEEEEEEAUtiful here today. I think it got up 14˚C today. (But it is supposed to snow on Friday. :P) I actually wore shorts for my workout!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Hirata-cho koen (park)

Exercise 4,5,6/6: Cycling trip
Time: 2:30

The kids were with friends for the day, so Colin and I took the opportunity to cycle to Mt Kinka and back. We had a good time...and slept well last night!

Today, we just got back from Hirata town. We went to a park with a big slide and then to a bike-riding park where you could borrow all kinds of strange bikes to ride. Good times. :)

Now, I am off to Karaoke with some other ALT's. We are sending of an exchange student from America. It is her last night of a 6 month long stay. Not bad for a young high school student on her own!