Saturday, February 03, 2007

Last Day of Winter! least in Japan...
While Japan officially recognizes the vernal equinox as the first day of spring because they are a fairly "westernized" country, the old Japanese (lunar?) calendar says this is the last day of winter, and Feb. 4th is the first day of spring. Today is the day that people throw beans out their doors and windows while saying, "Out with the demons (bad) and in with the good." Nowadays, it is kind of their equivilant to our Halloween. The daffodils have been up since December, and now people have spring flowers on their steps in pots. (things we would see in June in Calgary!!!)
I even saw a tree with blossoms on it!


Exercise 2/6:Walking
Time: 1 hour

Exercise 3/6: Cycling
Time: 45 min

Today (so far)
Exercise 4/6: Walking
Time: 35 mins


Mom said...

I sure hope the blossoms won't be all finished by the time we get there.
Our tulips and daff. poked their heads up here a few weeks ago along with some buds on the bushes. They thought it was spring already but then winter hit. Poor things. Ah...SPRING!

Mini-Me said...

No worries about the blossoms. This is a different kind of tree.
The blossoms you are going to see are the cherry blossoms that were developed in the Edo Era in Japan (between 1600 and 1850-ish?)while the country was closed to the rest of the world. A gardener developed this non-fruit producing cherry tree, specifically for its beautiful blossoms, and they were planted throughout Japan. They blossom from south to north over a 6 week period in and around March and April. The Japanese take vacations to view them at different places and lots of festivals are held. It is generally called "Hanami". Hana for flower and mi for "to see".
Wow, sorry for the little "history lesson" there...;)