Monday, April 09, 2007

Thanks for the Memories...(gag)

Well, this post is LONG overdue!!! So sorry.

Finding Mini-Me has been a great tool for me in keeping me accountable. Thanks to all who supported me and kept trying for those iTunes!

Why am I moving on if this was such a great tool? Because my family and I have gone car-free. This means I have to get my own hynie where I want to go! It should build exercise into my life not something extra I have to constantly schedule in.
I have to walk or bike to get groceries, go to the mall, get a haircut, eat out, get to work, doc's appts etc etc.
We will also be blogging about our not so little experiment, so please continue to check up on me! There aren't any iTunes this round, but there may be some great laughs at our expense! You can follow this story of ours for the next year or so on Cultural Vertigo.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

thurs 100 squats

sat -- snowmobiling x2 workouts

sun -- walking...lots

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Being Kicked When We're that nasty flu!

That nasty flu just won't leave us alone! I think we are over it now...but I said that last week and the week before!
Mixon ran a high fever at the end of the week. He was off school Thurs. and Fri., with fevers around 102˚F. Then he took the weekend to recoup. Everyone went to school Monday. But when Selah got home, she came with news that school was cancelled for the next 2 days for the grade 1's (that's her) and grade 6's. The kids were told not to go outside nor go to friends' places to play. Too many of their classmates were off sick so the rest were basically quarenteened! I had to scramble to find childcare. I intruded upon my neighbour since her daughter is friends with Selah, and she graciously let Selah play there for a couple of days. :) (Selah had so much fun she stayed for an hour and a half AFTER I got home on both days.)
Let's hope this is the end of it.

btw. I have been "caught" for the second time! :) Rachel wins again for being my ever vigilant watchdog. :) sorry Rach, I deleted your comment cuz your email address was there....

This weekend I get to go north of here on a free trip! Goin' snowmobiling!....Just me...and 19 other local JET members. The area wants to boost tourism, so in exchange for a written report and some verbal feedback, we are being given a free weekend of Japanese fun and culture! Woohoo!

Exercise 1/6: Bike
Time: 25 min

Exercise 2/6: walk
Time: 20 min
(I know, I am stretching a bit here....cut me some slack...I have been housebound for almost 3 weeks!)

Thursday, February 22, 2007

A Nod to the Chicks!

I know that this is old news by now, but I am at home today with a feverish son (yes, MORE sickness...) which means I can blog!
Way back in October, I posted that the Dixie Chicks new album, "Taking the Long Way Around", was going to be my theme song this year.
SO, Congrats to them on sweeping the Grammies this year! 5 in all! 3 of which were Best Song of the Year, Best Album of the Year and Best Record of the Year (not sure what the difference is between the last two...).
Way to go Chicks! I guess taking the long way was worth it in the end. :)

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Exercise 2/6: 100 squats in 2 sets of 50
10 Hindu push-ups in 2 sets of 5
10ish slow leg raises for abs

Time: na

It has been a while for this kind of stuff, thus the 2 sets of squats and pu's.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

16 Degrees!

What a beeeeeeautiful day! Selah and I took our donkeys to Plant 6 for groceries this afternoon.
Exercise 1/6: Walking
Time: 40 minutes


Where's your donkey?

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Ahh Yes. The Blog...

I have just been reminded to post about this week.
What reminded me you ask?
Selah's friend vomiting all over our kitchen.
(She is currently getting cleaned up)
Last week's "sickness" was a warm-up to this week. We have all been sick (and apparently very contagious). Colin figures it is a noro virus. (Inflammation of the stomach lining and then low grade fever and aches and pains. Not fun, but not intense after the first 24 hours....just kinda lingers. I think Colin said a person is contagious for 3 or 4 days afterwards...while it lingers.
And now we are passing on our wonderful experience to our neighbours. Or maybe they passed it to us first.:) Whatever the case, I guess it was a little too soon to have a sleep-over.

No work-outs this week.

Now I HAVE to get back into routine.
This is a critical point for me because in years past, when I have been on a "program" of some sort, it usually fell apart when something interrupted my getting sick. SO, let's see if this blog can pull me through this.
Also, there is a big announcement coming soon on this blog. (And no, it is NOT a baby. That is no longer possible except through adoption or miracle). So, keep watching. I may or may not answer yes or no questions in regards to the news...

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sick week...

We have had some sickness and fevers here this week. That has made it very difficult to exercise. I have tried to get out when I can or when I have felt well enough (I didn't have a fever...Selah did...but I haven't felt well). However, I have not reached 6 times.

So, I am "calling in sick".

Back at the contest next week.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I just received my official Certificate of Japanese Language Proficiency in the mail!
I passed my Level 3 test...meaning I can navigate the Japanese language at an elementary level...officially. ;)
It is nice to have the official cert, though, after all those hours of study. Who knows? Maybe I will keep studying so we can move to Banff and I can become a tour guide for all those Japanese people who come to sight-see...and if not me, then maybe the kids, ne?;) (lol)

Limping along

Exercise 1/6: Walking
Time: 30ish minutes

Mixon had an extra class yesterday so he was going to come home late. Selah and I walked to the Post Office and then on to school to meet Mixon to surprise him and walk him home. When we got there we found a dour boy limping towards us. He had been rough-housing with some boys and he kicked one of their backpacks. Backpacks in Japan are all the same and are meant to last all through elementary school. They have some serious hardware! Mixon is still limping this morning...that'll teach him! ; ) Anyhow, it slowed our walk home quite a bit...such is life.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

First day of Spring?

So, now that everyone has thrown their beans and old-man winter out their door, spring is being blown in with stong winds! It is blustery today. I have to laugh at the "weather-warning" for our has a yellow warning sign for "dry air". OOOOh NOOOO! :P

Last night we had a bowling tournement for our area's ALT's. Very Fun! And another JET family came with their 2 girls who are close in age to our kids (They're from Australia). The kids had a lane to themselves and had a hoot. We also brought our young friend, Chiemi. She had a great time trying to understand all the English swirling around her...but it was also a good start to really understanding what her ESL experience in Canada will be like when she comes.
We had about 25 people show up and, after 3 games, had prizes for highest score, most strikes, lowest score, most gutters, best bowling style, and best dressed. (Best dressed went to the guy in the Pikachu outfit, ha ha). All in all, the event was a great success.

I should mention that afterwards, we went out to a doughnut shop with the Offords (the Aussie family). It is a rare sight to see 4 white children who can chatter away to each other in Japanese!
Today, we are heading over to the Offord-family's place for the kids to play for a while. :)

Last night
Exercise 5/6: 100 squats (ouch!)
Time: na

Exercise 6/6: Abs workout
Time: 27 min

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Last Day of Winter! least in Japan...
While Japan officially recognizes the vernal equinox as the first day of spring because they are a fairly "westernized" country, the old Japanese (lunar?) calendar says this is the last day of winter, and Feb. 4th is the first day of spring. Today is the day that people throw beans out their doors and windows while saying, "Out with the demons (bad) and in with the good." Nowadays, it is kind of their equivilant to our Halloween. The daffodils have been up since December, and now people have spring flowers on their steps in pots. (things we would see in June in Calgary!!!)
I even saw a tree with blossoms on it!


Exercise 2/6:Walking
Time: 1 hour

Exercise 3/6: Cycling
Time: 45 min

Today (so far)
Exercise 4/6: Walking
Time: 35 mins

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Back to Billy

Exercise 1/6: Abs Workout
Time: 27 min

It is BEEEEEEEAUtiful here today. I think it got up 14˚C today. (But it is supposed to snow on Friday. :P) I actually wore shorts for my workout!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Hirata-cho koen (park)

Exercise 4,5,6/6: Cycling trip
Time: 2:30

The kids were with friends for the day, so Colin and I took the opportunity to cycle to Mt Kinka and back. We had a good time...and slept well last night!

Today, we just got back from Hirata town. We went to a park with a big slide and then to a bike-riding park where you could borrow all kinds of strange bikes to ride. Good times. :)

Now, I am off to Karaoke with some other ALT's. We are sending of an exchange student from America. It is her last night of a 6 month long stay. Not bad for a young high school student on her own!

Friday, January 26, 2007

I'm a Squatter

That could be interpreted several ways...

Exercise 3/6: 100 Squats
Time: NA

Thursday, January 25, 2007

One Month Since Christmas!

Time is flying! It has been a month since Mom and Dad M arrived here! Wow.
2 months from now, my parents will be here!! :)
We are starting to gear up with "going home" plans. I am shocked at airfare!!! Is it really true that for the 4 of us, it will cost us $10 000 Can. to get home?????...Actually, that price was to Toronto but it was on Air Canada...and we did find it a bit cheaper on Expedia. But it is still more than double what we spent to get here 2 years ago!
Does anyone out there know a good travel agent? Yikes!

Exercise 2/6: Cycling (slow)
Time: about 30 min
Cycled to Plant 6 to do grocery shopping...but I had Selah and her friend Konomi with us. Thus the (slow).

btw, Dad M. Remeber the construction on the corner about 2 "blocks" down from us and on the main road? We were all wondering what that would be...
Well, it is a 7-11 and it opens tomorrow! :)

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Yesterday was a Parent's day at the kids' school. They schedule them during the school day so it makes it really hard for working parents to attend. Mothers usually take a "paid holiday" (of which they only get 20 per year) in order to be there. ANYWAY, this one happened to extend past my working hours so I was able to go to the last portion...of which was a big group exercise class in Tai chi! An man who immigrated from China 10 years ago, was leading the entire school (plus moms/grammas) in a Tai Chi class. おもしろい!!(very interesting!) ...especially when all the elementary kids were "buzzing" around cuz there parents were there and it was the end of the day ;)
After the class, kids got to go home with their parents instead of walking home in their groups. So, Mixon and Selah and I enjoyed a nice walk home together. :)

Exercise (1/6): Walking
Time: 20 min

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sunday Breakfast

Saturday, Jan 20th
Exercise 3,4/6 : Walking
Time: 25 min each

Sunday, Jan 21st
Exercise 5, 6/6: Cycling
Time: 30 min each way

We had cupons for McDonald's breakfast so we thought we would bike there...
Definitely not gonna make a habit of that! We had to rush out the door to make the 10:30 deadline, so nobody had any "fuel" before we left. Selah cried the whole way and went as slow as she possibly could (it was quite comical). Then there was a LONG line up at McD's cuz of the cupons, the intro of McGriddles in Japan and the fact that the Japanese love to go out for breakfast. As we were standing in line, the employees changed the menu overhead to the lunch menu! Alas, it was 10:30 on the dot and we were still several people back in line. But, as it turns out, they had an eye on who was actually in the building by 10:30 and we got our breakfast items. (phew, didn't want a cheeseburger for breakfast :P)
Anyhow, the ride home was a bit more pleasant with full tummies....I saY "a bit" cuz after all, our tummies were full of McD's :/

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Sluggin' it out

Jan 16th
Exercise 1/6: Walking
Time: 40 min
I walked and Selah rode her "scooter". Nice mom/daugher time.

Jan 17th
Exercise 2/6: Walking
Time: 20 min
Didn't feel so hot today, so I only walked to the post office and back. I needed a stamp. Selah must have enjoyed the day before, cuz she came with me again. :)
Afterwards, she went with her bf Konomi and HER mom to the mall to see a cheer-leading demonstration. Guess what Selah wants to do now?

Company for supper tonight. :) My fellow RPA and his Japanese girlfriend are coming over for vegetarian chilli ( i can't remember how to spell chili!!!! My English sucks! I have taken to doing a crossword everyday since I need the practice!). Selah LOVES this young lady and they chatter away in Japanese all the time. Should be fun.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Week 2 of 2007

First of all, I want to say, that despite my lack of daily posting, I DO intend to continue this blog.
Secondly, my intention for 2007, is to continue THIS particular blog until my departure from Japan in July. After that...well...nobody knows! :-o
Once we get settled, that plan is to be as car-free as possible. (That will depend on where we live and what Colin's job will be). Being car-free means being self-propelled: Walking, biking, (taking public transit when those are impossible). In other words, all that exercise will be incorporated into our daily living. I think that experiment will deserve a blog of its own when the time arrives.
As for this second week of 2007...

Jan 8th
Exercise (1/6): Walking
Time: 1 hour

Jan 10th
Exercise (2/6): Cycling
Time: 30 min

Jan 11th
Exercise (3/6): BB's Abs workout
Time: 27 min

Jan 13th
Exercise (4/6): Walking
Time: 1 hour

Jan 14th
Exercise AM (5/6): 100 squats
Time: NA

Exercise PM (6/6): Frisbee with Colin on shakey legs from doing all those squats!
Time: 30 min

...and still 36 min to go until the deadline! :-P are those iTunes Rach? What did you buy with your winnings?

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Mom and Dad have left the building...for now.

So, the parents (in-law) are currently at Nagoya airport (Centrair) after visiting us in Gifu for 2 weeks. I just heard from Colin that their flight to Narita (Tokyo airport) is cancelled due to strong winds...yet their connecting flight (to Vancouver) is still due to take off on time. Hmmmmm. They are scrambling to figure out what to do with help from ticket agents. I will hear from Colin soon. Maybe they will get a free night in a nice hotel! Dad may end up late for work though.
I have done a ton of walking this past week as we have done the tourist thing with the folks. I know I have done at least 6 lets see if I can recall it all...

Jan 2nd
Exercise 1/6: Walking
Time: 60 min-ish
Took M&D down to Sunomata Castle and back through town.

Jan 4th
Exercise 2/6: Walking/Climbing
Time: 20-30 min
Took M&D to Gifu Castle on top of Mount Kinka via the rope-way (gondola). At the top, there is a good little hike up to the castle proper. Don't get too excited...the castle is fairly new and more like a 3 story museum. I LOOKS like a castle from the outside...but it is definitely not the original...such is the same for most of the sight-seeing items in Japan.

Jan 5th
Exercise 3, 4, 5/6: Walking
Time: All Day
We parked at a local mall and walked 15 min to the train station. Then, once in Kyoto, we walked all day when not on the bus. We saw the Golden Pavilion...a shrine covered in gold with beautiful gardens and ponds. Last restored in 1988 or something like that. It is very beautiful and very gold!
Then, of course, we had to walk back to the car at the end of the day.
It was actually Colin who suggested it was worth 3 workouts! (yeaa)
I am sure Colin or Mom and Dad will post pics of was pretty cool.

Jan 6th
Exercise 6/6: Walking
Time: 20-30 min
Walked all around Ogaki Station Road...and quickly cuz it was cold! Took Mom to a little sewing/fabric/wool shop...a little hole-in-the wall kind of place stuffed with great stuff. She bought some "made-in-Japan" wool to knit Dad a scarf. :)

Since the beginning of this post...
Mom and Dad were refunded their money and told to take the shinkansen to Tokyo to catch their flight to Vancouver...but that is gonna require 4 transfers on different kinds of trains...and in a foreign language with ALL their luggage (and it is too much for the 2 of them to haul around). So, I think they are just going to try again tomorrow. They have cancellation insurance. On the plus side...we may get them for one more night!
We'll see...

We Have a Winner!!!!!

Congratulations Rach! You have been vigilant enough to catch me "sleeping" and thus earn $10 of iTunes. (already sent via email).
I didn't even realize that it was Monday (I thought it was Sunday) when Colin read me your comment!