Friday, August 04, 2006


Exercise(6/6): Cycling
Time: 40:46 (elevated HR) about 50min with warm up/cool down
Av. Heart Rate: 152

Woohoo! Week 3 bites the dust! No iTunes for any of you! Although, my love affair with cycling has quickly vanished. Always pushing to up my heart rate sucks the joy (or would the word be "leisure"?) right out of it.
I am heading to Tokyo tomorrow to help new Language Teachers arrive in the country and get situated. It is going to be a crazy 5 I won't be logging in for a few.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Another Thursday, Another Karate

Exercise (5/6): Karate
Time: 1:30
Av Heart Rate: NA

It was a good but light workout. It hit 39˚C today, so no one was moving very fast. Learned a new kata tonight (which basically means "routine"): Tekishodan. Very cool! (It is short so easy to remember). It has something to do with "enemy" and "first one". (Apparently the next one will be being 2)
Mixon redoes his heyannidan (yellow belt routine) on Sunday. Ganbatte, my boy!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Upped my Time

Exercise(4/6): Cycling
Time: 50-55 mins
Av Heart Rate: 148 bpm for 40:56

My husband (who happens to be a personal trainer as well) told me to up my time today. (Yuch)
So, I did.
I also did about 15 km in that time. I am sure that is not good, but I have no where to go but up. We have discovered that one particular strip of the bike path has no interruptions for 2 1/2 km. A cycling team from the university uses now we use it to do "laps".

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Did NOT want to get up

This morning was rough getting out of bed.
I have a theory that the mosquitos in Japan have evolved! I swear they are intelligent! They hide all day and just after the humans have fallen asleep, they press their attack! They also know how to avoid the bug zapper and how to stay quiet.
Last night I woke up scratching after only a few minutes of sleep. 2 bites on my face, one on the PALM OF MY HAND, and one on my index finger later, I was fully awake. Grrrrrrrr.

So, needless to say, I was a bit grumpy getting out of bed this morning. But YOU are here, just waiting for your chance to pounce on those iTunes. I had no choice.

Exercise (3/6): Bike ride
Time: about 40 min
Av Heart Rate: 147 for 28:44
I thought I had compensated for the time by going farther today...I wanted to keep my HR up for 30 min...but apparently I am going farther faster! :-)
That's good to know because my legs felt like led this morning.

I need tunes for the ride to help me keep my pace up. I new by the HR monitor that I was slowing down so I started chugga-chugga-choo-choo-ing!!!! It helped me keep my pace...but I am sure I looked ridiculus! (lol)
An iPod would look much cooler!~

Monday, July 31, 2006

Frisbee Again

Exercise(2/6): Frisbee with Colin (definitely more of a work-out playing without the kids! -sorry kids- ;-))
Time: 30 min
Av. Heart Rate:NA

The fam. and I met up at the elementary school after work and I played frisbee with Colin for a good half hour. Next time I will put the heart rate monitor on! It was intense for a while. Then Selah (my daughter) joined us and things slowed down considerably. Then we all biked home.

Selah is learning how to ride a unicycle! Now there's good exercise! They are part of the recess equipment at the kids' school. There are also parallel bars for beginners to use their hands while they learn to balance. Too cool!
On that same note, all elementary school is Japan have a pool. Swimming is a part of the phys ed curriculum. The kids are going everyday during summer break too and rapidly improving! :-)
Yea for them.
They alone are good incentive for me to keep my arse in gear, if I want to keep up with them in the coming years.
I think I will bike in the morning...on my 2-wheeler!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Starting Week 3

Exercise(1/6): Karate
Time: 2 hours
Av. Heart Rate: NA

It was a good workout tonight. I wore my yellow belt for the first time tonight. :-)
Mixon has his test next Sunday. Unfortunately, I won't be able to see him through it because I will be in Tokyo. Colin will have to hold the fort down. But, hopefully that will put an end to his tale of woe.
I also am not sure about what to do for exercise/this site while I am away for 5 full and very busy days next week.
Should I take time off/suspend the challenge during a business trip?
Should I find time no matter what...even if I've only slept 4 hours? (which could be entirely possible on this trip).
Feel free to offer suggestions...