Saturday, December 02, 2006


Exercise 6/6: 100 squats
Time: NA

Japanese Language Proficiency Test in 10 hours.
Wish me luck!

Studying my ?????? off!!

Exercise 5/6: Billy's 8min Cardio and Abs Workout
Time: 35min

Study Study Study Study Workout(#5...just finished) study study study study workout(#6...later) study study study study study sleep JLPT Test!!!!!!

Friday, December 01, 2006

First Night in December!

Exercise 4/6: Tae Bo
Time: 40 min

I can't believe it is already December! Mom and Dad M come in 23 days! Christmas is in 24! I only have 2 weeks of school left! (I just took the 3rd week of December off from work...I would only have 1 class to teach that week :-P) It looks like Colin and I get a week's holiday together before Mom and Dad come. The kids are in school until the 26th...yuck! The Japanese don't officially celebrate Christmas so it is a school day. We haven't decided yet whether they will go or not. They will ONLY go if Gramma and Grampa can come see their school that day (since it is the last day of classes).

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Chillin' with my boy.

Exercise 3/6: Walking and frisbee
Time: 45 min

Took a walk to the post office to pick up 2 packages. (Thanks, Mom!)
Mixon offered to keep me company, and Selah had just gone to a friend's house, so we headed off together. When we returned, we played frisbee till it got dark, then walked over to pick up Selah. Pretty light workout...but we were moving AND spending time together. :-)

Then we came home and made a big batch of curry & rice. This is a Japanese staple. It is pretty mild over here for the most part. Although you can definitely get HOT curry here. The curry comes in blocks of (almost) dry paste...that is the best way to describe it. You add it to a pot of boiled veggies and meat of choice. (It looks like stew) Then you put it on a plate BESIDE white rice. So, half the plate is white rice, and half the plate is curry. Then you MUST eat it with a spoon...not chopsticks...not a fork...A SPOON! (lol)

The kids at Colin's school freaked out on him when he ate his school lunch of curry with a fork. They wouldn't leave him he kept eating with his fork. :-P One night we had one of my students and her sister over...we served them curry. As an experiment, we put out chopsticks, forks and spoons, just to see what they would take if they had an option. When I cleaned up supper, I put all forks and chopsticks back in the drawer because they were untouched!

Let's enjoy curry and rice!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Genki Teacher Day

Exercise 2/6: Calisthenics/Volleyball
Time: 30 min

It is exam week. This is how it works: first 3 periods in the morning are exam-time. Then the students go home to study. This goes on all week. In the meantime, teachers are madly marking and preparing the next test. This afternoon, though, was the yearly First Aid/AED training + Teacher Volleyball . So, I sat on a cold gym floor for 1:30min, learning how to use an AED in Japanese! (fun times! :-P) But after that we got to play a couple games of volleyball. THAT was fun. :-)

100 posts!!!

This is now 101, but I just noticed on my dashboard that I had hit 100! (Not that anyone cares but me...but, yea me! ;-) )

Exercise 1/6: Karate
Time: 1:30

Do scroll down if you haven't visited recently. There are lots of new entries AND PICTURES! :-o

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Study break update...

Exercise 5/6: Abs Workout
Time: 27 min

Good 'ol Billy!

Just now...2:07 pm (9:07 pm Saturday, PST)
Exercise 6/6: More Frisbee!
Time: 30 min

Maybe we will have to find an Ultimate Frisbee League in Kamloops next year. Anyone know of one?

Happy Belated Birthday Rachel!!!!

My wonderful, sweet, alway-remembers-everyone's-birthday, sister-in-law, Rachel Zalinko, had a birthday on Friday.We missed it. (We suck. Sorry, Rach.)

Rachel is a cool Aunt, a loving sister, a doting mother, a faithful wife (not to mention a "pastor's" wife!), a wonderful daughter (in-law) and Grand-daughter(in-law), and a great friend.
You wear many hats, Rach but you wear them with Grace.
We love you!
We miss you!