Friday, January 26, 2007

I'm a Squatter

That could be interpreted several ways...

Exercise 3/6: 100 Squats
Time: NA

Thursday, January 25, 2007

One Month Since Christmas!

Time is flying! It has been a month since Mom and Dad M arrived here! Wow.
2 months from now, my parents will be here!! :)
We are starting to gear up with "going home" plans. I am shocked at airfare!!! Is it really true that for the 4 of us, it will cost us $10 000 Can. to get home?????...Actually, that price was to Toronto but it was on Air Canada...and we did find it a bit cheaper on Expedia. But it is still more than double what we spent to get here 2 years ago!
Does anyone out there know a good travel agent? Yikes!

Exercise 2/6: Cycling (slow)
Time: about 30 min
Cycled to Plant 6 to do grocery shopping...but I had Selah and her friend Konomi with us. Thus the (slow).

btw, Dad M. Remeber the construction on the corner about 2 "blocks" down from us and on the main road? We were all wondering what that would be...
Well, it is a 7-11 and it opens tomorrow! :)

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Yesterday was a Parent's day at the kids' school. They schedule them during the school day so it makes it really hard for working parents to attend. Mothers usually take a "paid holiday" (of which they only get 20 per year) in order to be there. ANYWAY, this one happened to extend past my working hours so I was able to go to the last portion...of which was a big group exercise class in Tai chi! An man who immigrated from China 10 years ago, was leading the entire school (plus moms/grammas) in a Tai Chi class. おもしろい!!(very interesting!) ...especially when all the elementary kids were "buzzing" around cuz there parents were there and it was the end of the day ;)
After the class, kids got to go home with their parents instead of walking home in their groups. So, Mixon and Selah and I enjoyed a nice walk home together. :)

Exercise (1/6): Walking
Time: 20 min

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sunday Breakfast

Saturday, Jan 20th
Exercise 3,4/6 : Walking
Time: 25 min each

Sunday, Jan 21st
Exercise 5, 6/6: Cycling
Time: 30 min each way

We had cupons for McDonald's breakfast so we thought we would bike there...
Definitely not gonna make a habit of that! We had to rush out the door to make the 10:30 deadline, so nobody had any "fuel" before we left. Selah cried the whole way and went as slow as she possibly could (it was quite comical). Then there was a LONG line up at McD's cuz of the cupons, the intro of McGriddles in Japan and the fact that the Japanese love to go out for breakfast. As we were standing in line, the employees changed the menu overhead to the lunch menu! Alas, it was 10:30 on the dot and we were still several people back in line. But, as it turns out, they had an eye on who was actually in the building by 10:30 and we got our breakfast items. (phew, didn't want a cheeseburger for breakfast :P)
Anyhow, the ride home was a bit more pleasant with full tummies....I saY "a bit" cuz after all, our tummies were full of McD's :/