Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sunday Breakfast

Saturday, Jan 20th
Exercise 3,4/6 : Walking
Time: 25 min each

Sunday, Jan 21st
Exercise 5, 6/6: Cycling
Time: 30 min each way

We had cupons for McDonald's breakfast so we thought we would bike there...
Definitely not gonna make a habit of that! We had to rush out the door to make the 10:30 deadline, so nobody had any "fuel" before we left. Selah cried the whole way and went as slow as she possibly could (it was quite comical). Then there was a LONG line up at McD's cuz of the cupons, the intro of McGriddles in Japan and the fact that the Japanese love to go out for breakfast. As we were standing in line, the employees changed the menu overhead to the lunch menu! Alas, it was 10:30 on the dot and we were still several people back in line. But, as it turns out, they had an eye on who was actually in the building by 10:30 and we got our breakfast items. (phew, didn't want a cheeseburger for breakfast :P)
Anyhow, the ride home was a bit more pleasant with full tummies....I saY "a bit" cuz after all, our tummies were full of McD's :/


Rachel Z said...


Oh dear, she really cried the whole way? I was just thinking the other day about an unhappy 2-year old Selah on our wedding day because her parents ... er, father ... forgot to give her breakfast.

Vertigo said...

...and she had a fever!
Whatever happened to that picture that was taken of her asleep in your arms? (Which was probably after some Tylonal had been ingested...)
I remember thinking that would be so beautiful...
Did it not turn out or something?

Rachel Z said...

it didn't turn out. I'm so very sad about that ... :(