Thursday, January 25, 2007

One Month Since Christmas!

Time is flying! It has been a month since Mom and Dad M arrived here! Wow.
2 months from now, my parents will be here!! :)
We are starting to gear up with "going home" plans. I am shocked at airfare!!! Is it really true that for the 4 of us, it will cost us $10 000 Can. to get home?????...Actually, that price was to Toronto but it was on Air Canada...and we did find it a bit cheaper on Expedia. But it is still more than double what we spent to get here 2 years ago!
Does anyone out there know a good travel agent? Yikes!

Exercise 2/6: Cycling (slow)
Time: about 30 min
Cycled to Plant 6 to do grocery shopping...but I had Selah and her friend Konomi with us. Thus the (slow).

btw, Dad M. Remeber the construction on the corner about 2 "blocks" down from us and on the main road? We were all wondering what that would be...
Well, it is a 7-11 and it opens tomorrow! :)

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Dad M said...

10 grand sounds awfully steep! It is even more than flying from Vancouver to Prince Rupert. Our tickets were just under 2700 return for both of us together, and including taxes, etc. Better check out Kintetsu International Express (Canada) Ltd.
That 7-11 sure went up quickly. They were still digging holes when we were there.