Saturday, February 17, 2007

Ahh Yes. The Blog...

I have just been reminded to post about this week.
What reminded me you ask?
Selah's friend vomiting all over our kitchen.
(She is currently getting cleaned up)
Last week's "sickness" was a warm-up to this week. We have all been sick (and apparently very contagious). Colin figures it is a noro virus. (Inflammation of the stomach lining and then low grade fever and aches and pains. Not fun, but not intense after the first 24 hours....just kinda lingers. I think Colin said a person is contagious for 3 or 4 days afterwards...while it lingers.
And now we are passing on our wonderful experience to our neighbours. Or maybe they passed it to us first.:) Whatever the case, I guess it was a little too soon to have a sleep-over.

No work-outs this week.

Now I HAVE to get back into routine.
This is a critical point for me because in years past, when I have been on a "program" of some sort, it usually fell apart when something interrupted my getting sick. SO, let's see if this blog can pull me through this.
Also, there is a big announcement coming soon on this blog. (And no, it is NOT a baby. That is no longer possible except through adoption or miracle). So, keep watching. I may or may not answer yes or no questions in regards to the news...

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sick week...

We have had some sickness and fevers here this week. That has made it very difficult to exercise. I have tried to get out when I can or when I have felt well enough (I didn't have a fever...Selah did...but I haven't felt well). However, I have not reached 6 times.

So, I am "calling in sick".

Back at the contest next week.