Sunday, January 07, 2007

Mom and Dad have left the building...for now.

So, the parents (in-law) are currently at Nagoya airport (Centrair) after visiting us in Gifu for 2 weeks. I just heard from Colin that their flight to Narita (Tokyo airport) is cancelled due to strong winds...yet their connecting flight (to Vancouver) is still due to take off on time. Hmmmmm. They are scrambling to figure out what to do with help from ticket agents. I will hear from Colin soon. Maybe they will get a free night in a nice hotel! Dad may end up late for work though.
I have done a ton of walking this past week as we have done the tourist thing with the folks. I know I have done at least 6 lets see if I can recall it all...

Jan 2nd
Exercise 1/6: Walking
Time: 60 min-ish
Took M&D down to Sunomata Castle and back through town.

Jan 4th
Exercise 2/6: Walking/Climbing
Time: 20-30 min
Took M&D to Gifu Castle on top of Mount Kinka via the rope-way (gondola). At the top, there is a good little hike up to the castle proper. Don't get too excited...the castle is fairly new and more like a 3 story museum. I LOOKS like a castle from the outside...but it is definitely not the original...such is the same for most of the sight-seeing items in Japan.

Jan 5th
Exercise 3, 4, 5/6: Walking
Time: All Day
We parked at a local mall and walked 15 min to the train station. Then, once in Kyoto, we walked all day when not on the bus. We saw the Golden Pavilion...a shrine covered in gold with beautiful gardens and ponds. Last restored in 1988 or something like that. It is very beautiful and very gold!
Then, of course, we had to walk back to the car at the end of the day.
It was actually Colin who suggested it was worth 3 workouts! (yeaa)
I am sure Colin or Mom and Dad will post pics of was pretty cool.

Jan 6th
Exercise 6/6: Walking
Time: 20-30 min
Walked all around Ogaki Station Road...and quickly cuz it was cold! Took Mom to a little sewing/fabric/wool shop...a little hole-in-the wall kind of place stuffed with great stuff. She bought some "made-in-Japan" wool to knit Dad a scarf. :)

Since the beginning of this post...
Mom and Dad were refunded their money and told to take the shinkansen to Tokyo to catch their flight to Vancouver...but that is gonna require 4 transfers on different kinds of trains...and in a foreign language with ALL their luggage (and it is too much for the 2 of them to haul around). So, I think they are just going to try again tomorrow. They have cancellation insurance. On the plus side...we may get them for one more night!
We'll see...

We Have a Winner!!!!!

Congratulations Rach! You have been vigilant enough to catch me "sleeping" and thus earn $10 of iTunes. (already sent via email).
I didn't even realize that it was Monday (I thought it was Sunday) when Colin read me your comment!