Thursday, January 18, 2007

Sluggin' it out

Jan 16th
Exercise 1/6: Walking
Time: 40 min
I walked and Selah rode her "scooter". Nice mom/daugher time.

Jan 17th
Exercise 2/6: Walking
Time: 20 min
Didn't feel so hot today, so I only walked to the post office and back. I needed a stamp. Selah must have enjoyed the day before, cuz she came with me again. :)
Afterwards, she went with her bf Konomi and HER mom to the mall to see a cheer-leading demonstration. Guess what Selah wants to do now?

Company for supper tonight. :) My fellow RPA and his Japanese girlfriend are coming over for vegetarian chilli ( i can't remember how to spell chili!!!! My English sucks! I have taken to doing a crossword everyday since I need the practice!). Selah LOVES this young lady and they chatter away in Japanese all the time. Should be fun.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Week 2 of 2007

First of all, I want to say, that despite my lack of daily posting, I DO intend to continue this blog.
Secondly, my intention for 2007, is to continue THIS particular blog until my departure from Japan in July. After that...well...nobody knows! :-o
Once we get settled, that plan is to be as car-free as possible. (That will depend on where we live and what Colin's job will be). Being car-free means being self-propelled: Walking, biking, (taking public transit when those are impossible). In other words, all that exercise will be incorporated into our daily living. I think that experiment will deserve a blog of its own when the time arrives.
As for this second week of 2007...

Jan 8th
Exercise (1/6): Walking
Time: 1 hour

Jan 10th
Exercise (2/6): Cycling
Time: 30 min

Jan 11th
Exercise (3/6): BB's Abs workout
Time: 27 min

Jan 13th
Exercise (4/6): Walking
Time: 1 hour

Jan 14th
Exercise AM (5/6): 100 squats
Time: NA

Exercise PM (6/6): Frisbee with Colin on shakey legs from doing all those squats!
Time: 30 min

...and still 36 min to go until the deadline! :-P are those iTunes Rach? What did you buy with your winnings?