Thursday, March 01, 2007

Being Kicked When We're that nasty flu!

That nasty flu just won't leave us alone! I think we are over it now...but I said that last week and the week before!
Mixon ran a high fever at the end of the week. He was off school Thurs. and Fri., with fevers around 102˚F. Then he took the weekend to recoup. Everyone went to school Monday. But when Selah got home, she came with news that school was cancelled for the next 2 days for the grade 1's (that's her) and grade 6's. The kids were told not to go outside nor go to friends' places to play. Too many of their classmates were off sick so the rest were basically quarenteened! I had to scramble to find childcare. I intruded upon my neighbour since her daughter is friends with Selah, and she graciously let Selah play there for a couple of days. :) (Selah had so much fun she stayed for an hour and a half AFTER I got home on both days.)
Let's hope this is the end of it.

btw. I have been "caught" for the second time! :) Rachel wins again for being my ever vigilant watchdog. :) sorry Rach, I deleted your comment cuz your email address was there....

This weekend I get to go north of here on a free trip! Goin' snowmobiling!....Just me...and 19 other local JET members. The area wants to boost tourism, so in exchange for a written report and some verbal feedback, we are being given a free weekend of Japanese fun and culture! Woohoo!

Exercise 1/6: Bike
Time: 25 min

Exercise 2/6: walk
Time: 20 min
(I know, I am stretching a bit here....cut me some slack...I have been housebound for almost 3 weeks!)