Saturday, December 02, 2006


Exercise 6/6: 100 squats
Time: NA

Japanese Language Proficiency Test in 10 hours.
Wish me luck!


Laurel-Anne said...


Vertigo said...

Thanks! ;-)

How long did it take for you to find that? (out of curiosity?) I totally appreciate it!

Laurel-Anne said...

about ten seconds once I activated the translation widget in my Dashboard :-)

How'd the test go?

Vertigo said...

mmmm. Well, I finished ALL the sections this year. There is Kanji recognitions, Listening and Reading Comp/Grammar. I basically guessed at the listening ones :-P They only play them once. If they played the dialogues twice, I would probably do fine.
I am really close to passing so I would have to say it could go either way. (Passing is 60%)
Did I mention they don't inform us of the results until Feb? :-P