Monday, July 31, 2006

Frisbee Again

Exercise(2/6): Frisbee with Colin (definitely more of a work-out playing without the kids! -sorry kids- ;-))
Time: 30 min
Av. Heart Rate:NA

The fam. and I met up at the elementary school after work and I played frisbee with Colin for a good half hour. Next time I will put the heart rate monitor on! It was intense for a while. Then Selah (my daughter) joined us and things slowed down considerably. Then we all biked home.

Selah is learning how to ride a unicycle! Now there's good exercise! They are part of the recess equipment at the kids' school. There are also parallel bars for beginners to use their hands while they learn to balance. Too cool!
On that same note, all elementary school is Japan have a pool. Swimming is a part of the phys ed curriculum. The kids are going everyday during summer break too and rapidly improving! :-)
Yea for them.
They alone are good incentive for me to keep my arse in gear, if I want to keep up with them in the coming years.
I think I will bike in the morning...on my 2-wheeler!

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