Sunday, July 30, 2006

Starting Week 3

Exercise(1/6): Karate
Time: 2 hours
Av. Heart Rate: NA

It was a good workout tonight. I wore my yellow belt for the first time tonight. :-)
Mixon has his test next Sunday. Unfortunately, I won't be able to see him through it because I will be in Tokyo. Colin will have to hold the fort down. But, hopefully that will put an end to his tale of woe.
I also am not sure about what to do for exercise/this site while I am away for 5 full and very busy days next week.
Should I take time off/suspend the challenge during a business trip?
Should I find time no matter what...even if I've only slept 4 hours? (which could be entirely possible on this trip).
Feel free to offer suggestions...


Rachel Z said...

Hhmmm ... You sure do get to travel lots with this boring job of yours! Do what you need to do. I suppose you could walk somewhere? Or maybe not? Will a friend be along with you?

Vertigo said...

I am the only one from my prefecture (province) going. Most of the other Tokyo Orientation Assistants will be partying in their free moments...they are in Tokyo after all! ;-)
I was figuring out my schedule today and i may have some free time here and there but I am working long hours...
unitl midnight most of the nights.

Rachel Z said...