Saturday, July 29, 2006

No change...grrrrrrr.

It has now been 2 weeks. I have managed steady exercise and am getting into a routine and so on. This is good. I am not out any money yet (which doesn't make the website very exciting for you...but it works for me! ;-)

I have been on the scale and there is no movement yet. I find that very frustrating and psychologically impeding. It makes me feel like all that effort was for nothing. I may as well sit in comfort on my arse! I want results! But I have to get past the scale and realize it is more about my health in the long run. And it is not like I have been overly active the rest of the day. I have a desk job.

My workouts have to get longer and more intense on a regular basis.



Rachel Z said...

After my insanely sweaty hike the other day I was fully expecting to fit into my pre-prego jeans. Okay maybe not, but it would be nice to wear my wedding ring again soon.

Vertigo said...

No Doubt! I don't think I wore my wedding ring for about 2 years surrounding Mixon's birth.
(Personally, I'd like to fit into my wedding dress again someday...)