Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A Nice Evening Ride

Exercise(3/6): Biking
Time: 40-45 min approx
Av Heart Rate: 148 for 29:49

Went for a ride after supper today. Not sure how I feel about that...I was tired from the day, full from a bit of supper and now I am hungry later. Hmmmm. I will judge whether it affects my sleep (or lack thereof) in the morning.

Have to go try and get Japanese Driver's Licenses in the morning so it will be another evening workout.


Rachel Z said...

I'd love to bike ... I'll have to add one fo those to my wish list. Today my friends and I walked a 5.4 km loop. The sign at the beginning of the trail said it was "easy with some hills". We decided it was "moderate with lots of hills". Thankfully it was a cool day so we didn't totally dissolve in the heat. I was still dripping wet at the end, with a big fat water blister on my baby toe. Add the weight of two kids and a stroller and we were really workin' it. My friend helped me on the up hills, Max love the down hills because I ran a few of them.

Vertigo said...

Sounds great! Was it paved for your stroller or do you have a "mountain stroller"? (you know, with big wheels...)
Sounds like it would be a great place to go regularly since you know the distance of the loop...
It is very hot today (34˚). Gonna ride just before dark so its a little cooler.
I hear BC is havin a hot one! We noticed it was about 42˚ in Kamloops!!! What about PR?

Rachel Z said...

Sounds terrible! I was not paved and yes I have an all-terrain stroller. Trouble is, I don't have all-terrain endurance. I will not go there regularly, I may never go again! I much prefer to walk the few kms to town and back. We've had a few hot days lately but most recently it's been drizzling. Looks like it may warm up a bit today. We haven't had the long hot stretches like they have "down south".

Vertigo said...