Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I did it.

Exercise (2/6): Biking in the rain!
Time: approx 40 min
Av Heart Rate: 144 for 31:03

I am learning lots. For instance, it is really difficult to get my heart rate up over 150 when I haven’t had anything to eat and it is raining. (probably had more to do with not eating anything)
My stomach doesn’t like early morning plus I was anxious about biking in the rain. I stood at my kitchen window for about 5 minutes going through a list of excuses why I didn’t have to go. But this blog-thing is helping me keep things in perspective. I recently typed something like “no more excuses”. So, I went. And I actually enjoyed it! Except that I was hungry and (as my husband would say) “bonked” – wore out/crashed because I hadn’t eaten. Next time I will start with an orange. (Mandarin oranges are in season from now until Christmas here!)

I stayed up late tonight and watched 24 on DVD (one of my many weaknesses) so I will NOT be getting up early to work out. After school is my goal. Should be fun because I can work out with my husband who is on summer vacation. (which means he has no problem staying up late…grrrrrrr)

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