Sunday, February 04, 2007

First day of Spring?

So, now that everyone has thrown their beans and old-man winter out their door, spring is being blown in with stong winds! It is blustery today. I have to laugh at the "weather-warning" for our has a yellow warning sign for "dry air". OOOOh NOOOO! :P

Last night we had a bowling tournement for our area's ALT's. Very Fun! And another JET family came with their 2 girls who are close in age to our kids (They're from Australia). The kids had a lane to themselves and had a hoot. We also brought our young friend, Chiemi. She had a great time trying to understand all the English swirling around her...but it was also a good start to really understanding what her ESL experience in Canada will be like when she comes.
We had about 25 people show up and, after 3 games, had prizes for highest score, most strikes, lowest score, most gutters, best bowling style, and best dressed. (Best dressed went to the guy in the Pikachu outfit, ha ha). All in all, the event was a great success.

I should mention that afterwards, we went out to a doughnut shop with the Offords (the Aussie family). It is a rare sight to see 4 white children who can chatter away to each other in Japanese!
Today, we are heading over to the Offord-family's place for the kids to play for a while. :)

Last night
Exercise 5/6: 100 squats (ouch!)
Time: na

Exercise 6/6: Abs workout
Time: 27 min


Mom M said...

How long have the Offord been in Japan? Obviously long enough for their children to learn to speak Japanese. Where do they live?

Mom M said...

I guess I should preview to check spelling/grammar before I publish.

Mini-Me said...

The Offord's arrived at the same time we did. We spent quite a bit of time with them at first. They live in Gifu city...about a 30 min drive from us...actually not too far from where we did Karate. But as we all got involved in our own communities and extra stuff (like Karate) we sort of fell out of touch.
Colin and Andrew get along famously! It is a lot of fun to watch them. The first August, Alex (the wife) and I teased Colin and Andrew about being a couple of housewives cuz they were jobless and hanging out and shopping and taking care of the kids while Alex and I were working.(lol)
They have a similar situation to us in that they both applied for JET, both had interviews, Andrew is a certified teacher with experience, and they gave the job to Alex. Go figure.