Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I just received my official Certificate of Japanese Language Proficiency in the mail!
I passed my Level 3 test...meaning I can navigate the Japanese language at an elementary level...officially. ;)
It is nice to have the official cert, though, after all those hours of study. Who knows? Maybe I will keep studying so we can move to Banff and I can become a tour guide for all those Japanese people who come to sight-see...and if not me, then maybe the kids, ne?;) (lol)


Laurel-Anne said...

Yay, Kelly!


Mom said...

Good for you Kelly!! I'm so happy for you, that all your hard work paid off. Awesome!!
Someone told me that there are a number of Japanese Ski Resorts around Kamloops. I don't know if this is true but when I heard it, I thought of you and wondered it you'd be able to use it somehow there. You never know!!

Rachel Z said...

good for you!

Vertigo said...

Thanks all!
Ya Mom, you never know! That would be cool!

Carrie said...
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Mini-Me said...

Sorry Carrie.
I deleted your comment because your email address was on it...and I felt I should remove it from here. I (of course) now have it in my own address book! :)