Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Limping along

Exercise 1/6: Walking
Time: 30ish minutes

Mixon had an extra class yesterday so he was going to come home late. Selah and I walked to the Post Office and then on to school to meet Mixon to surprise him and walk him home. When we got there we found a dour boy limping towards us. He had been rough-housing with some boys and he kicked one of their backpacks. Backpacks in Japan are all the same and are meant to last all through elementary school. They have some serious hardware! Mixon is still limping this morning...that'll teach him! ; ) Anyhow, it slowed our walk home quite a bit...such is life.


Dad M said...

Would that be one of those backpacks we saw at Plant 6 for about $250.00?

Mini-Me said...

Yep...and you saw a cheap one!
We got Mixon's for free from a kid who moved to France. Selah's we got for about $70.00...bottom of the line.
I have seen them for $700.00.