Sunday, January 28, 2007

Hirata-cho koen (park)

Exercise 4,5,6/6: Cycling trip
Time: 2:30

The kids were with friends for the day, so Colin and I took the opportunity to cycle to Mt Kinka and back. We had a good time...and slept well last night!

Today, we just got back from Hirata town. We went to a park with a big slide and then to a bike-riding park where you could borrow all kinds of strange bikes to ride. Good times. :)

Now, I am off to Karaoke with some other ALT's. We are sending of an exchange student from America. It is her last night of a 6 month long stay. Not bad for a young high school student on her own!


Rachel Z said...

aw nuts! I was ready to pounce ...

good on ya!

love, R

Vertigo said...

What did you get with the last $10??

paul said...


Mini-Me said...

In the words of Judy Moody (which Selah is now reading about a moody 3rd grader...)


Any titles you'd like to share? ;)