Saturday, August 12, 2006

2 for 1

It is Saturday and so I only have one day to do 2 sets of exercise...
My hubby says I can to 2 workouts in one day...and he is a personal we are going with that as certified permission and NOT an excuse! ;-)

So far, one workout done.

Exercise (5/6): 50 squats and 10 yoga push ups

Just before sundown, I am going to go for a ride. It is a little cooler then. That will be my sixth. I will post it later.
Hopefully, there won't be a thunderstorm like last night. The lightning was almost on top of us and the thunder was louder than the fireworks we just saw! Needless to say, our children slept with us last night!

more later...


Exercise 6/6: We had thunderstorms all afternoon! Anyway, just before dark we rode our bikes to the elementary school and played some soccer, then biked home.
Light but fun. The point was, we were moving!
Time: 30 minutes


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