Monday, October 16, 2006

Like Rach said...

...Back at 'er!

Exercise 1/6: Mission 1 - Tae-bo
Time: 42 min

Nice 'n easy. Only my throat was soar at the end of this. I am definitely almost better. What a wierd virus I had. Getting better has come in waves. I would have a shower, or visit with someone (I am a people person) and would feel better for an hour or so, and then feel feverish again as I "came down"...although I didn't actually have a fever after last Monday.

Today is BEAUTIFUL!!!! It was 26 or 27 degrees here today. Locals here are complaining that it is hot for this time of year. I kindly informed them that this was like July in Calgary. I had to laugh at the weather warning today...there was an advisory out for "dry air".

The rice paddy, that our kitchen window faces, was harvested this past weekend. I am a little sad about that. I won't ever see the rice at peak growing-season blowing in the wind again...we will be gone from Japan in July next summer. I am not a little sad about that! ;-) Definitely looking forward to returning to friends and family in my home country.


Rachel Z said...

Do you have a more specific return date in mind? And when are you going to ride your bikes to Prince Rupert?

I must get to the gym tomorrow morning before Paul leaves for work. I haven't been since Thursday!

Laurel-Anne said...

Happy Birthday, Kelly!!

Vertigo said...

Thanks LA! :-)

Rach...I will post some more details on the good ol' Family Website.
Did you go to the gym?