Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Competitor in me takes a hit.

Exercise 4/6: Karate
Time: 1:30

Tonight was hard on my competitive side. ;-)
I missed the most recent Karate test because of being sick last week. Colin (and my 2 other Japanese friends) did not. They passed. (Congratulations!) I did not even take the test.
SO, at Karate, we line up by rank/seniority. I had to shift down three. That was hard to swallow. I know it sounds SO silly that this bothered me...and it is. I am glad I can laugh at myself...and that I can catch up at the end of the month! ;-) (lol)


Rachel Z said...

I can just picture the look on your face as you were "put in your place".

Laurel-Anne said...

Competitive? Kelly?
I had no idea! ;/) I can't wait 'til you get back so we can play Settlers or Dutch Blitz!

Vertigo said...