Saturday, October 21, 2006

5 & 6

Exercise 5/6: 8 minute Cardio blaster thingy for Tae Bo
Time: uuuuh....8 minutes.

Exercise 6/6: Bike Ride
Time: 1 hour

Tried to get the kids to go for a family bike ride...but by the time we had made them finish their chores the doorbell was ringing and friends were wanting to play. They were chomping at the bit...and they had done their chores well (after slight coercion ;-), so we let them go.
AND that meant Colin and I could ride together! We so rarely get time alone in Japan, so we jumped at the chance. (we haven't been on a "date" since we left Canada)
It was great. It is a beautiful day (if a bit windy) so we soaked up the sun and each other's company. (no iPod today ;-)

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