Monday, October 23, 2006

My first Karate injury...almost

Exercise 1/6: Karate
Time: 1:30

So, because all my "senpai" (seniors) have gone up a level (as ruefully mentioned in a previous post ;-) the sparring has also gone up a level. FUN!
And as also previously mentioned, I really like sparring with my husband! He is the one in the class (besides sensei) that I can actually let it loose with, and not worry about hurting. But last night, I didn't move fast enough. I brought my hand down to block his front kick and my hand met his shin. His shin won! (No, tears though...sensei doesn't allow crying in class. ;-)
I have a beautiful bruise on the side of my hand below my pinky finger. :-) Don't worry, I am not complaining! In fact, I was kind of hoping it was fractured! How cool would that be! I have never had a broken bone, and this would certainly be a great way to earn one.
I continued sparring...and I moved a lot quicker! And I do not have a fracture. :(

I think my parents named me aptly: Kelly = maiden warrior

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