Wednesday, October 25, 2006

It is that time of year... be indoors. Not that it is overly chilly here. The high today was 26˚C and it was sunny....beautiful! But it gets dark before 5:30, and there is not time to BE outside in an exercise manner due to childminding (I know, I have lamented this before...).
But that feel is also in the air now. Tonight we had homemade cream of potato/veggie soup with biscuits. MMMMMM warm \autumny feel. I LOVE that! :-)

...2 months from today is CHRISTMAS! Yatta! (Japanese for "Yippee!")

Exercise 3/6: Tae Bo and Tug-O'-War
Time: 40min and 1 hour

Yep, I said Tug-O'-War. November 3rd is a national holiday in Japan. It is Labour Thanksgiving Day. Our kids have signed on to a neighbourhood team to compete in a city-wide Tug-O'-War Competition on that day. It is being held to promote city-wide unity and "togetherness" since 3 small towns joined Ogaki city this year. (our town being one of them)
Tonight was the team practice. How can you practice for Tug-O'-War, you ask? Well, let me tell you, it is a precision sport, don't you know! There is technique that requires body, mind and spirit (and blisters!). And, the judges are using English!
  1. "Pick up the rope!" (we can/must pick up the rope-a big thick old-fashioned this point we grip in such a way as to pull the rope "apart", put it under our elbow, stand perpendicular with feet planted.
2. "Steady the reins" - we must pull it taut so the middle mark is in line with the boundary and becomes still.

3. "Pull!" - now we must lean straight back, look at the ceiling, and take baby-steps backwards.

The rope must go 4 meters one-way, within one minute, in order for a team to win.
I have no idea how many teams will be competing...I'll let you know. It could be a LONG afternoon! ;-)

The kids had a it will be worth it.

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