Monday, October 09, 2006

ねつ が あります

That title translates as, "I have a fever".
That translates as, "I am not working out for a few days this week".
Thought I'd give you a heads up...

Last week when I took my daughter to the hospital for her heart check-up, I thought...this place is full of sick people. I am going to be sick in about 10 days or so. (That was a week ago Thursday). Humph. (>_<)

So, I am not sure about work tomorrow. The best bet for me is to go in to work and let them SEE I have a fever. Then they will shoo me home. Otherwise, there is a good possibility they will expect me to have a doctor's note...and I have no way to get to the doctor. Well, I could ride my bike or take the bus, but who wants to do that with a fever?

People here in Japan actually die from overwork, AND that is written on their death certificate! My friend from the next-door prefecture noticed one of her co-workers looked like death one day, so she asked her supervisor why he looked so terrible. The reply was that he had just had his KIDNEY OUT the day before because he has cancer!!!!! That's right. He was back at work the next day. So, I guess I can go to work with a low-grade fever. They don't like it if it is contagious, though...that is why I think I will get shooed home. There isn't a substitute teacher system over here, and they DO NOT want to get sick. Other teachers have to divide and carry their co-worker's load until they return. Very good incentive to not stay away! My position, though, does not carry those consequences, since no one else can do my job.
We'll have to wait and see...

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