Wednesday, September 20, 2006

100 in a row!

Exercise 3/6: 100 squats in a row! 50 crunches. 3 (in a row) yoga push-ups.
(NOTE: Previous squats were done in sets of 10 with 2 yoga push ups at the end of each set...)

Wow, my quads felt like like big knots after that was done! I surprised myself by getting to 100! (this seems to be a running theme in my work-out journey....)
Now, if I could just walk... (ha ha, just kidding)


Dad M said...

OK Kelly, what is a yoga push-up? I thought you were taking karate. Is a yoga push-up one that you do with one ankle tucked behind your ear or something? I also think we need more than a written report of these feats of physicality. It is about time that we see some photos or video to confirm these remarkable claims you are making. ;)

Rachel Z said...

i've gained a pound since my last step on the scale ...

Vertigo said... just started working out right? It is the new muscle you are creating! It weighs more but it burns more calories. Hang in there!

no pictures yet. I am still losing weight I put on over the winter! ;-)
You wouldn't see any difference. These feats of physicality are not spectacular at all...a yoga push up is also called a cat-stretch. You start in a push up position but your bum is up in the air. Then you put your nose to the ground (almost) and then slowly arch your back until your nose is in the air/head up and back, and arms straight. Your body should never touch the ground.

Here they are called Hindu push-ups and there are pictures. (Scroll down past the Hindu Squats)

Dad M said...

Thank you. BTW I wasn't asking to see pictures of the new slimness, I was hoping to see pictures of the doing of these things -- these feats of physicality.

Vertigo said...