Tuesday, September 19, 2006

いたい です!!!

Exercise 2/6: 70 squats/14 yoga push-ups/ 35 sit-ups on the ABS ball (& I don't mean crunches!)

The title today is "itai desu" which roughly translates as It Hurts!!! Yesterday, I was still recovering from back catching and Karate the night after. (How embarrasing! ;-) So, I took the day "off". It was a national holiday in Japan, so I REALLY took the day off! :)

Today we have an interesting dilema. Colin has decided to drive to school from now on. That means he wants to work out in the mornings before work, too. But we can't both go riding and neither of us is willing to get up at 5:00 either...but the point is moot because it is too dark to ride then. After school I could go except I can't. The kids need their mom and Colin doesn't get home until it is almost dark. hmmmmm. How to (both) get a cardio workout is the question of the day.


Laurel-Anne said...

Have you tried any work-out videos? I saw an infomercial a while ago for some that looked good, but I didn't call:-oand now I can't remember what they were called :-/

Vertigo said...

Great idea!
I actually have been pestering Colin about the new Tae-bo DVD's...for my birthday. Do you know about Tae-Bo?
If you google search it and look up anything with Billy Blanks...you will find it.
He is so cool!...and the workouts go good with my Karate.
Anyhow...I have to find something to do between now and then...