Monday, July 17, 2006

Biking in the Rain

Exercise(2): Biking
Time: 30 minutes
Av. Heart Rate: 144 (at one point it topped out at 160 - had to work for it though)

Kids were occupied at a community kid's event, so I went for a ride/workout with the rain. It was actually nice cuz it cools you down.

(Somebody is baking cake or pie or something. It smells SO good!!! I want chocolate.)
I need some of those cycling short with padding "you know where". That was painful!

2 down/4 to go

Oh yea, along with my picture I will post my original weight (I weighed in last week) and have a "weight counter" to chart my progress. I can download one off the internet I'm sure. I will weigh in once a week...probably a Saturday morning.

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