Thursday, July 20, 2006


My body is hurting is all kinds of places! It is Thursday morning but I am not working out this morning....but don't hold your breath. I have a 2 hour Karate session tonight.

Don't give up on me slackin' though. If you are vigilant, you may get your itunes yet. I am always eager the first week of a program.

More later...


Just finished Karate. I got my yellow belt! (small yeah)
It is not a joyous occasion because my son got only a conditional pass...he has to retest in a few weeks in order to get his belt. I think the world stopped turning. As far as he is concerned, he failed and he is stupid and he hates Karate and never wants to do it again. He cried, he was embarrassed (like I am at my spelling....) What is a mom to do?
I hope this is one of those things that goes on to create great character. I will tell him till I have no breath left in me, how much I love him and what an awesome kid he is. Maybe someday it will sink in.

Exercise (5/6): Karate
Time: off and on for 1 hour due to familial crisis
Heart Rate: Don't know because I can't wear my watch-like monitor in class.


Rachel Z said...

Oh Mixon,
He really is a great kid. When I see how much Max looks like his big cousin, I pray that he'll be as nice a boy as Mixon is. I hope someday they won't live so very very far away from each other and get to spend some time together.

Vertigo said...

Me too!!!