Saturday, July 22, 2006

First Week Finished!

Exercise (6/6): Biking
Time: about 45 min
Av. Heart Rate: 157 (35:27)

It is a beautiful sunny Saturday in Gifu, Japan. 29˚C today. I think I am sunburnt from my ride. But my crotch hurts less today! :-)
I got farther and went faster.
This is the first week of the rest of my life. No more excuses. (and I am the queen of excuses)

So, I cheated you out of your itunes...this week.
Keep watching!


Rachel Z said...

what happened to all the rain you were expecting/dreading?

Vertigo said...

It is always raining. That is why I commented on the beautiful day. It is out of the norm. It is like Lower Mainland winter...rains for days and then there's the odd nice day...except it is hot.

Rachel Z said...

kind of like that here, too. We have one nice day and then we think it's been hot for the whole week. So strange.