Sunday, July 16, 2006

Yellow Belt Karate?

Exercise - Karate
Time - 2 hours (kind of)...more like 1 hour of actual exercise

I had my test for yellow belt today. Don't know if I passed yet. I screwed up on a couple of things...
1) my combination blocks
2) my foot position on some of my stances...I think my toes were pointed the wrong way a few times and Sensei doesn't miss a thing.
Oh well. I will find out next week if I get a fancy new colour to belt up my Gi (pronounced gee with a hard "g").

I noticed my sister-in-law has put up a link on her blog for this one. Game on! (Thanx Rach)

I will post a "before" picture soon. Whether it will be a "before I am skinny" or "before I am broke" picture has yet to be determined!

(I really really really don't want to post a picture like that. I hate pictures of me!!!!! But that is the whole point of this isn't it? At least I can block out my eyes/face)

As the Japanese would say..."Ganbatte" (which means, fight!/persevere/endure etc)
If this is said to you, you are to reply "Ganbarimasu" (I will fight my best)


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