Sunday, December 10, 2006


Exercise 4/6: Walk
Time: 1 hour

Had a work-related meeting, Friday, at a different location. My bike tire has something wrong with I got a ride there from a friend and walked home. Colin picked me up on his way home... I made it to our frisbee-playing place within an hour. Not bad for walking. :-)

Exercise 5/6: Billy's 8 min cardio
Time: 8 min

Did this first thing this morning

Exercise 6/6: Walking
Time: 20 min

Went to Ogaki today and did some brisk walking up and down Station Street.

Present time: 11:54pm, PST Saturday in NA


Rachel Z said...

Hi Kelly,
Thanks for your tips on our potty issues. He really really wants to use the potty. That's why I decided to go for it. He's too short to stand to pee so he sits, and has been very successful. The other toilet action, well, my patience is still holding strong. We'll get there.

Two weeks till you see Mom & Dad!

Laurel-Anne said...

"Present time: 11:54pm, PST Saturday in NA"

Cut it pretty close this week, Kelly ;-)

Are you going to take a Christmas break from your blog?

rzalinko said...

Almost Friday again, what's up?

rzalinko said...

My mistake, it's already Friday here. It's practically Sunday for you already!