Friday, December 08, 2006

Yesterday's Marathon

Exercise 3/6: Billy's 8min Cardio, then Abs
Time: 35 min

The kids had their "Marathon" yesterday. I MIGHT be able to convince Mixon to post here...but Selah was a I will brag for her. ;-)
Each grade runs with their own, and each grade up, runs a bit farther. Selah ran 800 meters (yes, that was her "marathon"...but ya gotta start somewhere, neh!). She came in 4th! Yea, Selah!


Rachel Z said...

Good job, kiddos! What do you two look like these days?

Gramma C. said...

Yeh Selah! Are you still running everywhere like you were a year or so ago?
Mixon, we eagerly awaiting your description of your marathon.