Sunday, December 17, 2006

Blogging Slump

I have to say I have been in no mood to blog this week. I was almost inclined to forget working out this week too. I even said to Colin that I was just going to give someone iTunes this time around. But this blog is like a splinter in my mind. I can't NOT do something. So, even though I havn't been faithful in posting, I HAVE been exercising!
btw...One other reason I haven't been blogging is because I have been using every free moment to knit! I have become knit-crazy. Why? I have no idea. Some of the other female ALT's in this area have started a knit club. I was half amused (cuz they are, like, 10 years younger than me) and half impressed. So I retaught myself to knit! I am working on a scarf. I started searching the internet for a beginner's lesson and found an amazing amount of info/clubs/free patterns etc. Now Selah has started on a scarf for one of her stuffed animals. :-)
(So, Gramma...bring your knitting when you come next week!)

Exercise (1/6): Abs workout
Time: 27min

Exercise(2/6): Walk and frisbee
Time: 1 hour

Exercise (3/6): Walk
Time 30 min

Saturday AM
Exercise (4/6): Abs (BB's)
Time: 27 min

Saturday PM
Exercise (5/6): 100 sqats
Time: irrelevant

Exercise 6/6: Frisbee
Time: 30 min

So, in Canada right now, it is 10:30pm PST on Saturday. I did it. Not because I wanted to, nor thought I could, but because the blog is here. YOU are here.
Don't give up on me...cuz I just might give up. Somebody came awfully close to getting iTunes this week.


Laurel-Anne said...

Yay Kelly!

It's 11:42 - I'm so glad you posted!

Grandma M said...

Yes, I'll bring some knitting - I got started when I was a student nurse living in residence - lots of others were knitting too. I set it aside for many years when life got busy raising 4 kids. When my first grandchild was expected, I thought about knitting a baby blanket, but I wasn't sure I could remeber how to knit. With needles and yarn in my hands, it came back. Now, 10 baby blankets later ... maybe I'll finish my black sweater!

Rachel Z said...

good to have you back Kelly! I have not visited my gym for a while. I'm actually waiting for blood test results to see if I'm low in iron. Been felling kind of blah. Time to get back at it.

Mom said...

I checked up on you.....right after I got off the treadmill. See, you're inspiring me too!!