Saturday, September 16, 2006


Exercise 5/6: cycling all over town
Time: about 1 hour

It is a long weekend!!! Monday is Respect for the Aged Day in Japan.
Yesterday after school, we biked to the next town to get videos and then back to our Plant 6 (like Superstore) to get groceries. I remember last year when we got here, we found it SO overwhelming to have to go to Plant 6 on a bike to get groceries for 4 people. Mind you we only had 1 bike at the time...
Now that we have 4 bikes (actually 6, but that's another story) we use Selah's basket, my basket and one backpack. That does us for half the week, so we go 2 times. Not bad...and we get exercise and family-time out of the deal. (the kids have resisted initially because this cuts into their playtime with friends, but they are getting used to it. AND once we are actually on the way, they like it...I was the same way as a kid ;-)

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