Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A Trip for Coffee

Exercise 3/6: 2 stints of cycling
Time: 35-ish min X 2 = more than 1 hour

Sports Day yesterday was a blast. :-) I ran with some girls in a 5 legged race. We were anchors for our team and our team fell way behind so when we ran we were totally on our own...all eyes on us. We chanted English and got around the pylon without falling. :-) If you have to lose...lose big! ;-)
After supper, I rode to Ogaki on my bike. I was out of coffee beans! Desperate times call for desperate measures. Anyhow, I went to my favourite coffee shop in the mall (Tully's) and met a friend there. We chatted (far too long!) over a peach smoothie and a banana/acai yogurt shake and then I rode home again.
One thing I am looking forward to back in Canada is wider roads and sidewalks! (Mind you, the vehicles will be going twice the speed...). I read the other day that Kamloops is well-known for its Mountain Biking trails! Those will be nice too!
Colin has all but given up on cycling all the way to work...again. After investing in better quality tires, he went to get on his bike yesterday morning and found a flat.:-| There is one section of the trail that is littered with debris (glass, metal etc) and he seems to pick something up everytime he rides by. Anyhow, he only cycled to our local train station today. It is about a 15 min ride for him. The commute will take just as long.

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