Saturday, September 02, 2006

School has begun!

Friday, Sept. 1st
Exercise (5/6): 60 squates, 14 yoga push ups

The kids (and Colin) started back to school today. I had the day off because I assumed the kids would be coming home at 11 or 12...but they had a regular day of classes! So I had the day to myself! So, I purged the house of summer holidays and cleaned my arse off! I think that should almost count as my workout...;-)
The weather is also definitely cooling off here. I am feeling chilled when the weather dips below 28˚C on the odd day. It is still usually in the 30's unless it rains, but the nighttime temp. is getting lower. Yeaah!

Today, Sept 2nd
Exercise (6/6): Cliff jumping at the Neo River

Yes, we went again. And we are taking the Seino Region JET ALT's next weekend! There should be about 20 of us. It is now our daisuki (大好き) {favourite} place in Japan! :-)


Laurel-Anne said...

I want to see the Neo! Where are some pictures?

Vertigo said...

Check out our family blog. There are pictures of the Neo posted there now! :-)