Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Back in the Saddle

Exercise 2/6: Cycling
Time: 25:21 (40 min)
HR: 150

Well that sucked!
I got up this morning and tried to put my contacts in. My eyes just about popped out of my head! I think my solution went bad in the heat...you know...the whole "store below 35˚" - thing just doesn't work here in Japan. So, now I have to wear my glasses all day.
Then I went for a ride. I got up at 6 am. Colin says, "Have fun!" and I just gave him the evil eye. Starting next week I will have to get up at 5am if I want to go for a ride, because he will be cycling to school and leaving here at 6:30 every morning! Yes, that's right...he will bike for about 1:30 one way to commute to school. (It is all bike path...he discovered a new route on Saturday). That means that before and after school I am very limited as to what I can do for a work out, unless I get up at 5 am. grrrrrrrr.
Back to my ride... I need biking shorts! I was VERY uncomfortable by the end of 2 laps and couldn't do a third. I was getting hot spots (the step before blisters) where one should not!
So, needless to say, I am off to a grumpy start today.
But hey, it is better for me than laying in bed, right? (yea, right)


Mom M said...

It counts even if you are grumpy!

Vertigo said...

thanx mom! :-)