Saturday, September 02, 2006

Why I like Karate...

A friend of mine asked me to post some of my reasons for doing or enjoying Karate, so I will try my best.

First and foremost, it was something we could do as a family. I didn't want to be a "soccer mom" or something like that...where I would sit for 2 hours on the sidelines instead of working out. I am probably the one in my family who needs excercise the most! ;-) We are progressing as a family, and even thought the kids complain sometimes...we are in it together.

Secondly, I have a sense of strength and acheivement. I started Karate at 32 and now have my yellow belt, and no reason why I can't get my black belt within the next few years if I keep at it. How cool is that?! I have been pleasantly surprised. I also feel more secure/ I could take care of myself if I ended up in a situation where I absolutely had to.

Thirdly, I like what Karate stands for. It is used for self-defense only and has several "rules" that I believe are totally compatible with my faith. At least, I have found verses in the Bible that could match with each one of the following:

Hitotsu (means "one", and they are all numbered as such since they are all equally important)

Hitotsu: Seek perfection of character
Hitotsu: Be faithful
Hitotsu: Endeavor
Hitotsu: Respect others
Hitotsu: Refrain from violent behaviour

The classes held in the dojo consist of students of all levels. The more senior members help train the lesser level members by example. I don't have to worry about "performing" or sparring because we don't do those things until we are ready. For example, as a yellow belt, I spare with my peers, but at this level, the sparring is "promised". It is like a set routine so we know exactly what is coming and how to react. As we progress to a higher level the sparring will become more free...but by then we will have enough training so we will know how to react. Furthermore, I don't need to enter tournaments in order to pass my levels.

I also like the fact that this is teaching my kids discipline and respect...and perserverance. It also provides us with community. We spend a lot of free time with the members of our dojo, which is a cool side benefit.

Need I say more? If your doctor says you are fit, I would recommend this martial art to anyone.
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