Friday, November 03, 2006

A Taste of Commuting

Thursday 3/6: Biking
Time: 35-40 min

Had a conference to attend yesterday with all Assistant Language Teachers from my prefecture. Lucky for me, it was within biking distance. I first biked all the way to a "nearby" train station to meet first year ALT's and walk them to the venue. (When you are essentially illiterate, getting to a place for the first time is always a challenge).
I am guessing it was about a 12-13 km ride.
Colin's Dad mailed us the bike paniers from is SO nice to have those...I carted a change of clothes, a bunch of books (for a book exchange) and my purse etc without a second thought. It made the idea of going car-free in Canada much more plausible to me. (My husband and I have been exploring this idea for many reasons. You can check out our
"cultural vertigo" blog for more on that...)

Exercise 4/6: walk
Time: about 2 hours

Some of the ALTs from my region wanted to hang out after the conference and didn't particularly want to go to the nomihoudai.
(A nomihoudai is a "drinking party" in Japan. One price covers a 7-10 course meal and all-you -can-drink within a time limit of 2 hours for about the equivilant of $30.00.)
Anyhow, none of us had cars there, and I had my bike which eliminated the train as a possibililty. I offered to cook supper...but that meant we walked that same distance home to my place. They were game, so we walked! :-) It has been a long time since I have walked that far. We don't slow down that much very often or consider walking that distance as a possible option. But we had a great time! We had a great chance to just chat, enjoy the sunset and get some exercise.
When we got home, everyone pitched in, and we made bruchetta, yakisoba and then enjoyed a couple of well-earned creampuffs for dessert (kinda like the Costco ones...).

As for the walk, (and I say this like my English students in their journals) I think want walk next time.

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