Monday, November 13, 2006

A new week underway...

Exercise 1/6: Tae Bo-Mission 2
Time: 40 min

It is getting cold real fast. Our warm fall was lasting a long time and now Mother Nature is making up for it. The thing is, in Japan, there is no insulation in the houses and no central heating. It is just as cold inside as out. You may think it is nice to have a high of 15˚ at this time of year. Sure!! Except, that is also the temperature of my office! Soon the big ol' heaters will come out...the ones at work are propane. The official date in Japan for turning them on is December 1st nation-wide, so until then, it is long undies and lap-blankets!

At home, working-out is a great way to keep warm...although I am finding that I am soon going to have to make the time to shower immediately after. It is too cold to walk around in sweaty clothes while making supper!

People do heat their homes...with portable kerosene heaters. The heaters are turned on only when you are in that room and they reek! The bathroom has no heat...thus the reason for fluffly toilet lid and seat covers!!!! (I had never really understood those as a kid ;-P) It is also why many toilet seats also have a warming function...which some of you may remember me mentioning last year.


Dad M said...

Can't you get electric heaters in Japan?

Vertigo said...

you can, but electricity is VERY expensive.
And of course there is the whole social pressure thing here, too. Everyone else does it by I have to, too.

Our Air con. doubles as a heater but it is terribly inefficient.

I remember last winter, turning on our old kerosene heater and a Japanese friend of mine said, "Aaaaah, that smell reminds me of winter!" (lol) :-P