Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Catching Up

Okay, so, I took Sunday off. Although, I did spend 2 hours helping clean the elementary school in prep for school to start again. And we biked there and home. But I am not logging that as exercise/workout. It was a great calorie burner...but as I become more and more active, I will need to be more specific and log "workouts" as opposed to general exercise.

Monday, August 21st: Left for a 2-day Conference for new JETs in my prefecture held in Gifu City. It was only overnight so I packed light and put it on the back of my bike and biked to Ogaki city train station. I met up there with the new ALT's and we went together.

Exercise (1/6): Cycling
Time: 40 min

Tuesday, August 22nd: same exercise, only returing home!
Exercise (2/6): Cycling
Time: 40 min


Your Mom said...

Great job Kel,
Do you have a secure place to leave your bike at the train station? I assume you don't take it on the train with you.
There are a lot of bikes being stolen here even when they're locked up, so I just wondered what the security was like there.

Vertigo said...

Nobody (well, almost) steals here.
Every train station has a bike garage and the one at this station is free of charge. :-) And it is PACKED! Most bikes have a basic locking system on them.
Car Parking is not free and there is only space for about 20 cars.